Thursday, July 29, 2010

John Faulk Patricia Sullivan: Faulk Sullivan Grudge Match: Candidates Get Behind Ten Buck Fridays

RightKlik, the poll minder for Ten Buck Fridays, forwarded this good-spirited "grudge match" found at the website of John Faulk, who is running for the U.S. House seat for Texas' District 18. Faulk is on this week's Ten Buck Friday poll, along with Patricia Sullivan running for the House in Florida's 8th District.

Patricia Sullivan

Faulk and Sullivan are having a lot of fun with Ten Buck Fridays, all the while generating attention and enthusiasm for their campaigns. In the midst of the fun, Faulk and Sullivan are doing a serious work for our country, as they try to unseat two of the most loathsome members of Congress. Faulk is trying to send the egregious Sheila Jackson Lee home, and Patricia Sullivan is vying to get Alan Grayson out of the House chambers.

Here is  the message found on Faulk for Congress, and a note from Patricia Sullivan:
I Need Your Help on a Straw Poll
Patricia Sullivan FL-8, a strong Tea Party Conservative running in a 7 person Primary set for Aug 24th, has a “grudge” match with me in the straw vote to get some national attention.   
We have been fighting a tough battle with each of us gaining top spot only to be set back on our heels.  
Future CongressMOM Sullivan is pulling away from me.  Please go to RightKlik or Maggie's Notebook  to vote for John Faulk!  
Anyone can cast a vote in this straw poll – you do not have to live in Texas CD 18 or even in Texas.  We are down 61 votes as of 10PM Wednesday night.  The Ten Buck Friday closes at midnight Thursday night or 12:01 AM Friday. [Note from Maggie - Check my left sidebar for the poll to see how John is doing against Patricia Sullivan.
Ms. Sullivan and I have a side bet.  The loser has to post a picture wearing the winner’s campaign Tee Shirt!  
Let’s have some fun and vote for Faulk! Thank you for your prayers and support.
Here is a note from Patricia Sullivan:
"I always enjoy friendly competition! I also enjoy helping out a Patriot. Don't you? I'm delighted John has made it through his primary and I look forward to working with him in Congress. Our first step to that goal is winning OUR primary which will be held August 24th. 
Vote for the "Mama Grizzly" today and give generously tomorrow so we can pounce the "Good Ol' Boys" who are looking to keep establishment politics as usual in FL-8.

As I post this, John Faulk is down a little less than 20 points with Patricia Sullivan in the lead. They are one percentage point apart. The Week 5 poll ends tonight at Midnight. Please feel free to check out their websites and cast your vote.

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