Friday, August 6, 2010

Donna Campbell Wins Ten Buck Friday Bucks: Dr. Donna Campbell Texas House District 25 Wins TBF

Dr. Donna Campbell, running for the U.S. House seat for Texas' 25th District, has won the Ten Buck Fridays poll for Week 7. Ten Buck Fridays is an effort of bloggers and readers to donate to very conservative candidates needing funds to keep their campaign going against a well-entrenched, and well-funded Democrat opponent. Whether you have participated before, or voted in the Week 7 poll, it doesn't matter. Just click the "donation" link below, use your credit card and donate what you can to help  send Donna to Washington, D.C.

 Donna Campbell

Dr Campbell is a Republican, an Emergency Room doctor, a wife and mother to four adopted daughters, who wants to unseat Democrat Lloyd Doggett, and represent the conservatives in District 25.

Doggett has been in the House since 1995 representing District 10 and currently District 25. Take a look at this video one year ago of protesters in Austin, Texas confronting Doggett and chanting 'Just say no' to the Obama health care legislation.

Donna Campbell and Rep. Michele Bachmann

Donna is conservative in all the ways we would expect and want. Wouldn't it be great to send a physician to Congress. Read Campbell on the Issues here. The Donna Campbell for Congress homepage is here. Contribute here.

Dr. Campbell worked hard for her Ten Buck Friday votes. She posted this on her Facebook page:

Please donate to Dr. Donna Campbell and help us bring a Constitutional Conservative to the U.S. House of Representatives. The graphic below shows a portion of Dr. Campbell's donation page. Please write-in "Ten Buck Fridays" as shown below.

Ten Buck Friday Winner Week 7
Dr. Donna Campbell
Texas U.S. House 25th District 
Donate to Dr. Donna Campbell

Watch this fun All-American video and see Dr. Campbell, "a spitfire" in action. (See a list of blogger participants below the video.

Dr. Donna Campbell Watch Her in the E.R. and at a Tractor Pull (video)

Conscientiously Conservative is the birth mother of Ten Buck Fridays. She has a great patriotic blog. Give her a visit.

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