Friday, August 20, 2010

Delia Lopez Wins Ten Buck Friday Bucks - Week 9

Delia Lopez receives congratulations and Ten Buck Fridays bucks, winning the Week 9 poll. She is running for the Oregon seat, 3rd District of the People's House of Representatives. Her Democrat opponent is longtime House member Earl Blumenauer. Ann Marie Buerkle, a conservative running for the House in New York's 25th District placed second in the poll. If you can give $10 to both candidates, please do. Read about Buerkle here for a personal recommendation.

The backbone of Delia's reason for running for Congress is the trampling of the Constitution.
While watching the republican debates, one of the candidates suggested we follow the constitution and the others laughed, that was the moment I decided, We the people had to take our country back! Our President, Senators, and Congressman are sworn to uphold and defend our constitution from all threats foreign and domestic! 
The Constitution is supposed to be the law by which our country is to be governed! It was written to restrain the power of the government and to protect the rights of the people. Our freedoms as spelled out in the Constitution, were given to us by our Creator, and are not to be denied us by any Government. There is no way permitted under the constitution for our rights to be suspended! Not in time of war, not even under marshal law! This is important! When president Bush suspended Habeas Corpus It basically voids 9 out of 10 of the first 10 amendments to the constitution, commonly called the bill of rights!
On her website she lists her "top issues," as Property Rights and the Environment, Privacy and the Constitution, Our Borders and National Sovereignty, Health Care, Energy Independence and Democracy or Republic, Which is it?   This link takes you to more.

Delia and her husband, Anthony, met in California in 1982 where they both worked for Federal Express. They have been married for 28 years and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. They moved to Oregon 26 years ago, where they both entered the real estate market as investors and developers. She is also a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

From the Oregon Republican Party says she is also a rancher and organic farmer:
As a rancher, she has raised farm animals; cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, to feed her family and sell excess produce to local families.  Her industry and ability to perceive value and a finished product, along with her hard work and determination have served Delia well.  To date, she has 12 properties in her portfolio, has created 100's of jobs, and has served 1000's of clients in her organization.  At one point specializing at working with agencies to house the disabled and forcing the termination of an incompetent HUD inspector.
Delia is a voracious reader, and has educated herself in many areas; history and politics, organic gardening, bee keeping, tree farming, ranching, medicinal herbs, and general contracting!  Delia raises and trains Arabian horses, is a fan of medicinal herbs, and she makes herbal medicines, soap, and has harvested honey from her own bee hives!  Delia is recognized as a Certified Master Gardener and writes articles for NW Connection.
She will work until a problem is solved.  She intends to tackle issues that directly affect small business and wants to return government to “We the People.” 
View Delia's endorsements here, and her Ron Paul endorsement here.

Her opponent Earl Blumenauer is a lawyer, and ascended to Capitol Hill  in May 1996. According to GovTrack, he is a "far-left Democrat," leader. He is a huge global warming advocate and believes America is dastardly for our polluting carbon emissions. Obviously, he also wants the Democrat Cap and Trade to pass. Let's send Blumenauer home.

If donating to a candidate outside of your state seems ridiculous, consider this: "politics" are no longer local. Every Democrat vote across the country affects you in Des Moines, your sister in Dallas or my family in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We must fund these constitutional conservatives. Most of them are not well-known. Most are running against very established Democrats. The candidates are rising from obscurity to help us take back the House and the Senate. We must be involved in their fundraising. Every $10 donation counts toward victory. Please make a donation, no matter how small. Join us in a weekly donation by giving up your Starbucks and putting that money toward the election of a conservative candidate. Participating Ten Buck Friday bloggers thank you in advance for your donation.

Ten Buck Friday Winner Week 9
Delia Lopez
Oregon's 3rd U.S. Huse district
Donate to Delia here with your credit card 
Please note on the donation form to write-in the "occupation" space: Ten Buck Fridays

Conscientiously Conservative is the birth mother of Ten Buck Fridays. She has a great patriotic blog. Give her a visit.

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