Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tuesday's Freedom and Liberty Blog Reading List

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February (Week 2) 2007

There's much great content by Conservative bloggers, but so little time to read. I'm referencing, today, a few pieces that I feel are especially pertinent to our American liberties and freedoms. If you haven't gotten to them, I'm providing the link. If you have already read them, then I'll compile a nice little list for easy reference for myself.

1) Renaissance Blogger had a piece by Selwyn Duke, published at American Thinker" The Offensiveness of Taking Offense". My short summary (and only my opinion) is that Duke asserts no matter how much substance backs up our statements and arguments, the Left uses the ploy of "what you said is offensive". He upholds the right to be offended, but encourages us not to fail at getting our message out - not to be intimidated. He says: "Tyrants agree: the easiest way to win a debate is to prevent the other side from debating" and "The great victory of the left is that it has made us apologize for being right". Visit
Renaissance Blogger
to read their take, and then jump to the original American Thinker piece.

2) Faultline USA posts Our Vulnerable Religious Freedoms. They pose the question: is Islam a religion or a political movement? This piece is an inside look at what we ignore every day in the name of Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech. Visit Faultline USA for a wide-eyed look at the possible inadequacy of the U.S. Constitution's ability to guard the true nature of Freedom of Religion.

3) Right Truth laying out details and offering links to the new Terrorism Awareness Project, attempting to get a conservative Terrorism viewpoint out to college campuses. Find the campuses who have rejected this information because they deem it unfair, or hateful, or untruthful (even though documentation is offered) - as well as some surprising colleges and universities who have accepted the ads. You'll find a link to a flash video by The David Horowitz Freedom Center: Islamic Mein Kampf. It will remind you, frighten you and hopefully, propel you and me to be aware - and to never forget how precious our freedoms are. Visit Right Truth: Introducing the Terrorism Awareness Project for related information and links to each of the above.

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