Friday, September 12, 2008

The Daily Kos: Beyond Outrage, Beneath Contempt

"All this 9/11 worship is ghoulish and downright silly. Some Brit on b3ta.com is even making fun of our pompous charade." From Daily Kos.com
Barack Obama at Yearly Kos Event
------------------------------------------------------------------ A note from Radarsite:
This is funny?
Or perhaps this man here --
is he funny?

Maybe this lady here is what's so funny.

My God. Can someone please explain this to me? Can anyone out there help me to understand how any American website, regardless of their political leanings, could find any justification, any justification whatsoever for publishing this cartoon? Can anyone describe for me the mentality of the British cartoonist who drew it? I won't waste my reader's valuable time waiting for answers. I do not want answers or explanations. But I will say this. This is purportedly a Democratic, liberal website. If any Democrat or liberal out there does not immediately and passionately condemn this post, and condemn this vicious traitorous website and everything it stands for, if any Democrat or liberal out there does not at once disassociate themselves from this horror, then you are indeed the enemy, and I hate you as vehemently as I do al Qaeda. Perhaps even more vehemently, because you have the arrogance to consider yourselves to be Americans. God help you. - rg Hat tip to Van Helsing at Stop The ACLU

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