Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finding sympathy Chanting Intifada

Crossposted by Shane with many more pictures over at PoliticalVindication.com Yesterday I joined a group of conservative bloggers and Blog Talk Radio hosts in Westwood to counter-protest a Gaza rally. We were surprised to find that there were very few Israel supporters there to join us, it was if the word had gone out to let the Hamas sympathizers have their day to themselves. We didn't get the memo, and though we were all Christians but for one, we felt it was important, and newsworthy, that we be there. The rally didn't disappoint. There were probably a little over two thousand screaming protesters, and the monotonous chanting is still ringing in my ears. "Bush, Olmert, what do you say? How many children did you kill today?" Ugh. But the Arab community was out in full force, and with Hamas flags flying and Nazi symbols scrawled on posters and t-shirts, I felt like I had walked into an alternative universe where Palestine actually was a country. In the long march made in a large, languid loop around Westwood, the funniest moment in a day of depressing moral retardation was when the organizers sought to move some protesters who were carrying Italian flags to the back! Same colors, wrong kind of fascists! The constant Nazi references were the most pathetic thing about the rally. The Nazi's are forever known in history as a movement to exterminate Jews, yet in this Middle East war, there is only one side that publicly, and unashamedly calls for the extermination of the Jews - the Palestinians! So it begs the question: are supporters of the fictional country of Palestine aware of the irony, or are they just trying to redefine Nazism to gut the holocaust of its evil? Until the army of police shut down traffic on Wilshire completely, there were nutjob Hamas supporters circling the federal building honking and waving their flags incessantly. When they passed the small group of us Israel supporters they screamed epithets and gave us the 'failed bombmaker' last finger left salute. During the rally we called into Snooper's show on Blog Talk Radio and brought to him the sounds and action of the day - it's a fascinating show to listen to - I spent a lot of time with my headphone on in the middle of the march! It was loud! And there I am - a Christian Infidel leading a parade of Muslim fanatics! It was an awesome experience to walk within the heart of Allah's chosen army. Did I learn anything new? Not really, I've been following this issue long enough that little surprises me now. But I am eager to hear how the pro-Israel rally went today - I think I can say with confidence that it was more about finding peace in the future than delighting in medieval hatreds like yesterday!

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