Monday, January 26, 2009

Immigration: France Testing DNA of New Visa Applicants

I don't know about you but I think the world is a better place now that a person's DNA can be used to answer important questions,. Under the lead of a new "immigration" czar, France plans to test the DNA of some incoming immigrants who claim they have family already residing in France.

Eric Besson, who was appointed this month, said the tests would establish which foreigners were claiming visas by making up family ties with those already settled in the country.
Civil and human rights activists are crying foul, but the French parliament has approved the legislation, which will not become effective until and unless Besson signs it. The legislation applies only to certain applicants: immigrants staying for more than three months and with questions about documentation (birth or marriage certificates). Immigrants in this category will be asked to provide DNA linking them to their family connection in France. Officials will "propose" that the applicant pay for the testing. Opponents say that applicants who cannot afford the testing will "have every chance of having their visas refused." Immigrants in the U.S. say they just want a chance at a decent life, a safe place to raise families, an opportunity to reconnect with parents and siblings, a chance for a good job, and a paycheck they can send back home. All worthy reasons to leave one country and enter one you think provides a better quality of life. It's simple, if you want to immigrate to France, and have an opportunity to do so because you have family already residing there, then provide your DNA. The price of the test must surely be worth the chance of a new and better life - or just a long visit with your loved ones. The world is a dangerous place. Have a little respect for the French people who are willing to receive you if you have been truthful on your visa application. Freedom isn't free. Homeland Security: Listen up! This is a great idea.

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