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J.C. Watts Ignores Chris Dodd, Barney Frank:

Former Congressman J.C. Watts (R-OK) has been on Sean Hannity's radio and television shows numerous times as the November 2008 elections progressed through the year, and now after election day. He has paid a lot of attention to Republicans, but has given Chris Dodd and Barney Frank a blind eye. This Congressman who was such a hero to many conservatives, including me, has not found one critical word to say about Barack Obama since he won the nomination (maybe earlier than that), and now in his forty-five days in office.

Cartoon by "Bones"

He was on Hannity again last week. In this segment, Hannity asked him about issues that a pastor (Watts is one), might be intensely interested in: stem cell research and higher taxes. Hannity is opposed to both. Watts didn't want to commit either way, but he did offer this explanation (and I've paraphrased but I'm close to what he said):
The difference, Sean, is that President Obama has one opinion and you [Sean] have another. It is a matter of a difference of opinion: you [Sean] don't want stem cell research, he [Obama] does; you don't want higher taxes, he does.
Watts is on record saying he is unhappy with the Republican party, but hey, surely he doesn't think he is alone. While Watts waffled, we grieved for our Party, and while so many of us could not bear the thought of a McCain presidency, there was one thing we knew: John McCain would be better for the Nation than Barack Obama.

In the heat of the campaign, I heard Watts tell Sean that he is now a pastor and needed to be careful about making endorsements - an understandable position. Still, it was painfully obvious that Watts was leaning toward Obama, and yet, I don't see Obama advocates for anything that Watts is passionate about, except feeding the hungry.

It didn't take much to understand that he would not speak against Barack Obama on matters of policy. The AP eventually reported that Watts was thinking of voting for Obama. Of course he was. So in the former Congressman's mind, policy is not important. The Constitution is not important. Only the opinion of whomever has power is important. That is downright frightening.

In a Las Vegas Review-Journal article dated March 22, 2009, Watts excoriated Republicans, scolding that the Party abandoned small business with the first bailout of Citigroup and Bank of America. Never is there a mention of Rep. Barney Frank or Senator Chris Dodd.

In the Time of Obama, it is just too much to expect that J.C. Watts would stand-on principle, or criticize a....a....Democrat. He asks that we consider "Bernie Madoff, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and every other name that has had to take bailout money due to unsupervised human greed and unsupervised manipulation of market activities." But...never a mention of Barney Frank or Chris Dodd - or any one or any entity charged with oversight.

Republicans "have lost much moral authority," he said. It is my opinion that Republicans gave away our House and Senate in exchange for reckless spending. I blame them for not speaking out, and caving far to many times to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, but it my opinion that Republicans are not to blame for the Housing and Banking crises.

J.C. let's talk about this:

Barney Franks - recipient of $40,000 from Fannie Mae since 1989: Allegedly sleeping with head of Fannie Mae, Herb Moses, probably didn't have a thing to do with his complicity in the failure of housing. Right? Franks stood on the the floor of the House and railed against all Bush proposals to rein-in the wobbly companies. Franks said the problems of F-Mae and F-Mac were "exaggerated, and five years later, the "problem" was estimated to be in the hundreds of billions.

Let's talk about Maxine Waters - not as guilty as Barney Frank...she is simply one foolish woman, but you can bet her constituents received the Community Reinvestment Loans, and you can bet some couldn't afford them, and you can bet that she was well aware of the situation. See Barney and Maxine here.

Maybe you haven't thought of the criminal actions of Mary Schapiro, appointed by President Bush, the former head of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority who did not regulate, even when she had a whistleblower turning blue in the face from blowing the darn thing. What did Obama do, he promoted her - all the way to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chief. J.C., Obama promoted her!!! All that regulating she was paid very big money to exercise, was over the SEC. You can read more on this here, and see an excellent video about the obscenities committed by "oversight."

Senator Chris Dodd: The Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee postured and puffed...and he is the biggest recipient of campaign monies from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, (and the second largest recipient of AIG donations, not to mention his wife's AIG Board of Directors income.

AIG Source: WSJ
The Democrat Congress thwarted every attempt by the Bush administration to stop the run-away lending practices of F-Mae and F-Mac. Congress would have none of it. Mr. Watts, here's the thing: The Republicans have plenty, plenty to be blamed for, but if you want to bash their morals, then at least detail the complicity of Democrats, because in this case, they are the chief instigator of the financial meltdown.

Congressman Watts, you haven't kept up with the investigations into this "financial crisis, or the misdeeds of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, not to mention the many others. Here is an article you really need to read.

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