Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bob Basso New Video: Thomas Paine March On to Washington

Bob Basso - Thomas Paine
Bob Basso has released his third video, On to Washington. Basso's portrayal of pamphleteer, Thomas Paine, is stirring and invigorating, as has been the case in the previous two videos. View all three videos below. This time, Thomas Paine, in his three-corner hat, champions Americans for the recent tea parties, but he doesn't stop there. This ionic character cautions that American citizens are at a time and place to make a real difference, and one way to make that difference happen, is to march on to Washington, D.C. In fact, he is calling for a million man March on our Nation's capitol. Among the three videos, No. 2 is my favorite, perhaps because the focus is on President Obama's stimulus package. Paine reminds us that, we the people, are the only stimulus we need. The first video is incredible. I'll never forget it. Holding Congress responsible is the theme. If you need a way to gather courage to begin speaking out about American today, watch these videos. You'll be inspired. (For information on Thomas Paine, see below the videos). Video No. 3
Thomas Paine - On to Washington
Video No. 2
Bob Basso - We the People Stimulus Package
Video No. 1
Thomas Paine - The Second American Revolution
Who was Thomas Paine? Born January 1737, died June 1809. He was a "British pamphleteer," an author and an inventor. He moved to the British American colonies (now the United States of America) at the age of 37 and participated in the American Revolution. He is famous for his pamphlet Common Sense, which urged colonists to fight for independence from the King's England. He is controversial on many levels, but for the purposes of this post, his pamphlet, Common Sense, provided reasoned thinking for independence for the colonists. At that time, his work was said to be "the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era." Related commentary: White House Summons Bob Basso: Thomas Paine Summoned to White House? Bob Basso is Thomas Paine: We the People Stimulus Package

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