Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Liberty Sun U.S. Flagged Ship: Pirates Attacked Liberty Sun off Somalia

A second U.S.-Flagged ship with twenty Americans serving as crew was attacked by Somali pirates today. The Liberty Sun was fired-upon with rocket propelled grenades and automatic weapons. The hijacking attempt failed but the ship received significant damage. None of the Liberty Sun personnel are reported injured.

Somali Pirates
The U.S.S. Bainbridge, which was involved in freeing Captain Richard Phillips from the Maersk Alabama a few days ago, received an emergency call and rushed to the area, but the attack has been thwarted by the time of the Bainbridge arrival. The U.S. ship was enroute to Mombasa, Kenya from Houston, TX carrying famine-relief supplies for African nations.The Liberty Sun is owned and operated by the Liberty Maritime Corporation of Lake Success, NY. Photo credit: Reuters

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