Friday, April 17, 2009

Raul Castro Reels-In America's Left

Holger Awakens has some excellent commentary on Raul's latest comments.

Call me crazy but I wouldn't trust a communist thug such as Raul Castro (and even more so, his fleabag brother) as far as I could throw his old body. And it's my view that today's big, earth-shattering announcement by the communist dictator of Cuba, that has all of the leftist media in the U.S. salivating and wetting their big boy pants, is nothing but a ploy - it's a set up, it's a stage set to prove just how weak and inexperienced Barack Obama actually is. Here's my contention: Raul Castro has NO intention whatsoever of reviewing ANY of the practices of his thuglike regime in Cuba ... he simply wants to see just what the new American administration will give away in some sort of Let's Make A Deal round table. Here's some of the crap that Castro spewed today that all of the naive Left is eating up by the shovel full, from the story at CNN:
The Cuban government, long the object of a U.S. economic blockade, is prepared to meet with the Obama administration, Cuba's leader said. "We've told the North American government, in private and in public, that we are prepared, wherever they want, to discuss everything -- human rights, freedom of the press, political prisoners -- everything, everything, everything that they want to discuss," Cuban President Raúl Castro said Thursday at a summit of leftist Latin American leaders in Venezuela. The response came days after President Obama lifted all restrictions on the ability of American citizens to visit relatives in Cuba as well as to send them remittances.
Okay, did you see what I highlighted there in that quote? This piece of shit, Castro, WON'T EVEN REFER TO OUR COUNTRY AS THE UNITED STATES or AMERICA! "North American government" - holy shit people, if that doesn't send the signal that this guy is as defiant as he was 20 years ago, what does? Here's more, this time from Obama: Continue reading at Holger Awakens.

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