Friday, May 1, 2009

Just another Week in Utopia

by Lonely Conservative

It’s been another long, strange week here in Obamanation.

Republicans finally found a way to make themselves useful for a change. They remained united and found a few moderate Democratic senators to join them to block President Obama’s knuckleheaded proposal to let bankruptcy judges cramdown borrowers’ mortgages. This is a small victory in the age of personal irresponsibility and taxpayer bailouts. Enjoy the moment as these moments are few and far between these days.

Former Republican Senator Specter Defector jumped across the aisle to hold hands and sing Kumbaya with the democrats. It’s not all bad, he’s now their problem. And he may have thrown a monkey wrench into Barack Obama’s judicial nominees making it out of the Judiciary Committee. That should be kind of fun to watch.

Speaking of the judiciary, Supreme Court Justice David Souter has decided to retire. Thankfully Souter’s a liberal so his retirement won’t change the liberal/conservative split on the Court. But it’s not all good; Michelle Malkin has an introduction to the top three potential candidates. You’re going to wish they were simply your run-of-the-mill liberals. As Michelle cautions: Gird your loins.

A video surfaced of Democratic Representative Jan Schakowski at which time she revealed the true intentions of the democrats when it comes to health care. They really do want to destroy the private health insurance industry. Gee, who knew? Where’s the media on this one? Perhaps they’re admiring Michelle Obama’s new tennis shoes.

President Obama held another news conference, this time to celebrate his 100th day of campaigning governing. It was more of the same: lies, lies and some more lies. The ratings were way down since his two prior prime-time pressers. Perhaps viewers got confused - when they saw Lie to Me listed in the TV Guide they thought they were tuning in to Obama.

Living in Obamanation is pretty good if you’re a member of the United Auto Workers union. Obama will stop at nothing to protect their interests, while pretty much selling out anyone else in the process that stands in his way. Even teachers and retirees - you know - those greedy speculators. As far as Obama’s concerned, the rule of law should only be followed when it benefits those he deems worthy.

The swine flu is still in the news. The Obama administration did their best to keep people from panicking. They went so far as to send Vice President Biden to the Today Show to proclaim that Americans should stop doing, well, everything! But Joe Biden was outdone when it comes to terrorizing the citizenry. The White House took care of that earlier in the week when they flew Air Force One really close to New York City landmarks so they could take a picture. Let’s hope it came out, New Yorkers may sour on the new administration if they keep that up.

Congress has been very busy. There are so many socialist policies to ram through and so little time. Which is why it makes perfect sense that they decided to take up precious time to investigate college football. There are probably quite a few Americans who would be content if all Congress did was investigate college and professional sports; perhaps our republic would survive the next four years. But then again, American sports as we know them would be destroyed. That’s a tough call.

President Obama sure is showing himself to be quite the odd fellow. He announced that one of the top qualifications he’s looking for in a Supreme Court Justice is empathy. But rather than empathize with hundreds of thousands of working Americans concerned about unprecendented government spending, he openly mocked them. In Obamanation some groups are more deserving of empathy than others. Get used to it.

While it is a bit unsettling to witness our government in action, one must be able to appreciate the delicious irony in all of it. Hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, laugh at ‘em!

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