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Lionheart on Luton Fire-Bombing: Islam Grows in House of Commons

If you have been following the recent fire-bombing of the Luton, England Islamic Centre in Bury Park, you'll be interested in some of the latest developments. If you don't know what's going in Luton, here's some background:

Luton, England
London was bombed on July 7, 2005. Four suicide bombers blew themselves up, three in underground train stations and one on a double-decker bus - all during morning rush hour. Fifty-two innocent people were killed, four bombers died and more than 770 were injured. The bombers had ties with Luton which lies about 60 miles north of London, and they were all born in Great Britain. Some residents in Luton believe the presence of some Muslims to be threatening. Lionheart, a British blogger, has put his own safety at jeopardy as he has attempted to report on the problems in his hometown. According to Lionheart, Luton along with Dunstable & Bedford are a "known" al Qaeda stronghold in Great Britain.
Lionheart - Luton
The streets are awash with Afghani heroin and Al Qaeda terrorists!!! Not a very nice environment to be bringing up our next generation in is it?
In a recent confrontation between Brits and Muslims, Muslims protested the town's soldiers returning from duty in Iraq, raising the ire On May 5, 2009, the Luton Islamic centre was fire bombed. The incident is still under investigation. Rumors abound. Lionheart received a comment on his blog responding to his reporting of the fire bombing, and claiming to be from a member of the bombed Islamic centre.
First and foremost, the idiots who protested against the returning soldiers do not pray at the recently bombed Islamic centre. How do I know this? Because I pray at the Islamic centre and I know 100% that these 20 extremists who protested are banned from our Masjid. So please do not put us all in the same basket. If you, Mr. Lionheart, want to inform any of your mates where they really do hang out, I will gladly tell you. They had a room upstairs of the resteraunt called Karahi Centre. They pray Friday prayers at Farly Hill with the Turks. Saturdays they have a place up in Bdford, which I will try to find out where. So whichever idiots bombed the Islamic centre, you have the wrong place because again, Sayful and his cronies do not pray here and are banned from here. We hate them 20 fools as much as you do. So get your facts right.
You can read Lionheart's response here. A few days later, another comment was left at Lionheart's blog, it appears by the same person writing above. The response is angry at Lionheart, accusing him of "twisting" and "attacking." The commenter mentions the British soldier's return from battle and calls the protesters "foolish extremists." The commenter speaks of Sayful Islam, a known Islamic militant, and denounces him and his actions in the Luton area. He also mentions that Sayful received a beating "on Biscot Road" and says where he [Sayful] and his cronies go, "they best watch out." I'm not an insider to Lionheart's world, and have not been threatened in the many ways that he has been. If this commenter is speaking truthfully, how frustrating it must be to live in an area where you are hated for what others have done, and especially when you want only to live in peace and harmony with your fellow townsmen. By the same token, other residents are discriminated against for pushing back against Muslim extremism in their own communities. In the meantime, Lionheart says the local authorities are not listening to the "concerns of the community" and if they had, it is likely discontent would not have gone this far.
Instead the community is ignored, and vilified as right wing extremists and fascists if they object to militant Islam in their midst, by those same people whose responsibility it is to uphold and protect the local society in which we live. Do anything, but just do not upset the Islamic community seems to be the order of the day, even at the expense of those of us living in the wider community.
I watched the video below with disbelief. As you listen to Shahid Malik's predictions, keep in mind two things: 1) Malik is a Muslim member of the Parliament and 2) Islam is an ideology that changes and imposes those it governs to strict Islamic law. Is this what is coming to Great Britain? Many believe it is. Follow the links above to read through the Lionheart's archives.
Islam Grows in the House of Commons

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