Saturday, May 2, 2009

Missing Cabo, Wish We Were There, Glad We're Not - I Think!

This moment, I should be standing on a balcony overlooking the Cabo San Lucas bay, with a cup of coffee in my hand. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico has glorious mornings. Instead, I am safely at home with no sign of any kind of flu in my area, on a cold rainy morning, drinking coffee at my computer.

Cabo Parade of Boats
For the past thirteen years my husband and I have gone to Cabo for a week. Nine years ago we added another week at the Cabo San Lucas Golf Resort. Everything about the little town of Cabo is nice. It is clean and pretty and unless you are young and drunk and hanging out at the Giggling Marlin late at night, Cabo is safe. In fact, I've heard few bad rumors about Cabo nightlife, and they are only rumors. I'm sure the Giggling Marlin is safe, as well as fun, and I've had many a mid-afternoon coke there when I needed a break from shopping.
Margaritas at Cabo Marina
A few years ago, when the amnesty issues arose and stats on the high cost of illegal aliens on the American taxpayer became known, I regretted purchasing our timeshares. I regret spending money there. I would not buy a timeshare in Mexico again today, but I will continue to go each year because we already own our units. Our timeshares are American owned. Many businesses there are American owned. The residents are always smiling, and it is our understanding that the people there have jobs and are doing well. The children go to school. You see no children diving for change when a cruise ship arrives. Cabo is a much sought-after destination for mainland Mexicans. They want to live in Cabo and raise their children in Cabo. A few years ago, we were told that Cabo limits the number of Mexican nationals arriving from the mainland, seeking a permanent home. I think you must have a job to be there.
Cabo Arc at Land's End
My hubby, brother and a friend would be playing seven straight days of golf and then hitting the Golf Club's pool late afternoon. The golf course is challenging, and the pool is beautiful.
Los Cabos Golf Resort and Country Club
Los Cabos Golf Resort - One of two pools
Los Cabos Golf Resort Lobby and Foot Pool
In the early years, I shopped late each afternoon after some beach time. I decorated my laundry room in Cabo "suns and moons," a paper machai statue of a lady balancing a basket of peppers on her head, and the man with the straw hat carrying a basket of seeds. I stocked up on Mexican pewter which we could not buy in the U.S. at that time. It goes from the freezer to the oven. Amazing stuff. My friends were envious. Now we can buy it everywhere. I have a few favorite silver jewelry shops, but after many visits, I need no more earrings, bracelets, or slides. On the beach from the comfort of my palapa, vendors display beautiful bathing suit sarong pareos, which I buy; jewelry which I do not buy on the beach, and some really gorgeous pottery. In recent years, I've seldom shopped. I'm over it. I do add to my Mexican table linens each year. They are the best for casual dining. The napkins wash over and over, keep their color and never need ironing. Recent visits find us relaxing here:
Los Cabos Golf Resort 'Personal' Hammock
We vacillated about cancelling our trip. We talked to friends in Cabo and there was no flu. The banks and federal building personnel were wearing masks as a precaution. At 6 p.m. the night before leaving we cancelled. Raising the World Health Organization threat to Level 5 made the decision for us. Once down there, if the borders were closed we knew we might not be able to get back across. We knew there was only a slim chance of borders closing, but we also knew that if we made the trip, got sick or could not get back home, absolutely no one would feel sorry for us, and rightly so.
View from our hot tub to the ocean
Last year, one of our favorite restaurants on the Marina, Margaritavilla, was closed for renovations. We were looking forward to enjoying the spectacular view and especially the chips and salsa. We're still looking forward to it...maybe in November.
Margaritavilla Restaurant on Cabo Marina
My very favorite restaurant in Cabo is Pancho's Restaurant and Tequila Bar. Pancho's is a long-time American-owned eatery, and it is a joy to be there. The the fish is fresh, with many choices of preparation. The Mexican dishes are bright and deliciously prepared, and the salad is the best in Cabo or about anywhere in the world. Cabo is not known for salads, so Pancho's is the place to find a really good one.
Pancho's Restaurant and Tequila Bar in Cabo
When we need a hot dog or a quesadilla just a few steps away from our palapa, we sit on the deck of Tabasco's, the beach shack next door. The beer is ice cold, the cokes are good and the Guacamole and chips are not the best, but okay for a snack.
Tabasco's on Cabo Bay
Our home restaurant, however, is at Club Cascades de Baja, on the beach overlooking El Arco. The breakfasts are amazing - the best in Cabo. Hamburgers served on the beach are excellent some years - not so excellent some years. Their Puttanesca is a dish I look forward to. The fruit is fresh and the chips really good.
Club Cascades de Baja Dining
We fell in love with Club Cascades de Baja the minute we walked into the open-air lobby. There are no elevators, nothing is new and slick and shiny, but everything is beautiful and beautifully maintained. We have a third floor unit with 1200 square feet and two large terraces. We walk a private outdoor stairway to get there, with gorgeous views. How lucky are we to love the climb? You can see the stairway below to our unit.
Club Cascades de Baja
We have two pools at our disposal along with the beach at Club Cascades. The below is the one farther from the beach. It's a "quieter" pool. I don't know the people in this photo. It's difficult to find the pool empty for a photo op. We spend a part of each day here after some beach time. Our unit looks like the one in the pic with the blue railing, except that our overlooks the ocean.
Club Cascades Pool
We get to the beach right after breakfast every day. The air is soooooo fresh. Many books are read, many sudoku puzzles solved, many chats with people you see only once a year. I swear, that is not me in the green bathing suit. I swear I was behind the camera. I really need a good photo shop program. From here we can see a sunrise and a sunset.
A Cabo Morning
Back to reality. The day has turned from rain to sunshine. We are going to our favorite hometown Mexican eatery tonight. They have better margaritas than we can find in Mexico. We're playing bridge after dinner with my brother and sister-in-law, who would have been in Mexico with us, along with long-time friends from Texas. It's a good life. I'm blessed.

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