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Nancy Pelosi CIA Accusations: Pelosi Hypocrisy (Video)

Nancy Pelosi is considered the most powerful woman in America (no apology to Hillary), and she is in it deep, and up against the CIA. It all goes back to the old canard that Congress was lied to about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. See a video below. UPDATE: Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich has spoken more precisely about Nancy Pelosi and her accusations than I have ever heard one politician speak about another. His comments are important, because as he says, this is about national security and she is playing a very dangerous game and placing America and our military at great risk. Here's what Newt said.

Nancy Pelosi: Photoshop credit: David Johnson Borrowed from Michelle Malkin
It doesn't matter who we are talking about at the highest levels of government, everyone with any power in the Senate and House believed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. That information came from the Clinton administration and from intelligence. If that information was incorrect, and I'm not persuaded that it was incorrect...it was not because the intelligence was simply a lie intended to mislead our leaders. It was because it was "incorrect." Why was the information incorrect? Probably because Jamie Gorelick and the Clinton administration so castrated the CIA and the FBI that agents were impotent to truly do a good work of "spying." Jean Pearce, writing for FrontPageMag.com and referring to Gorelick's infamous memo:
...she began acting as the point woman for a large-scale bureaucratic reorganization of intelligence agencies that ultimately placed the gathering of intelligence, and decisions about what – if anything – would be done with it under near-direct control of the White House.
After Gorelick was sworn-in as the Justice Department's Deputy Attorney General for the Clinton administration:
Bill Clinton issued Presidential Decision Directive 24. PDD 24 put intelligence gathering under the direct control of the president’s National Security Council, and ultimately the White House, through a four-level, top-down chain of command set up to govern (that is, stifle) intelligence sharing and cooperation between intelligence agencies. From the moment the directive was implemented, intelligence sharing became a bureaucratic nightmare that required negotiating a befuddling bureaucracy that stopped directly at the President’s office [emphasis Maggie's].
So, right here in America, according to Pearce:
...the only place left to go with intelligence information...was straight up Clinton and Gorelick’s multi-tiered chain of command. Instead, information lethal to the Democratic Party languished inside the Justice Department, trapped behind Gorelick’s walls.
Now, all these years later, Nancy Pelosi has been trying to disconnect from that intelligence and her belief in it, and really, there is no way for her to do so with any credibility. Of course, few Democrats are concerned with cred, but now Pelosi is up against the CIA and I hope they skewer her. Today, she drowning in her own smug abuse of America's military. She denies knowing that "enhanced interrogation techniques" included waterboarding. She can't keep her story straight, and that is a real liability when the world is watching. Here's a snippet from Michelle Malkin:
Pelosi had a particularly frozen look on her face throughout her presser as she repeated the “Bush lied about Iraq” mantra to justify her own inaction:

“They mislead us all the time,” she said. And when a reporter asked whether the agency lied, she did not disagree.

She also suggested that the current Republican criticism marked an attempt to divert attention from the Bush administration’s actions.

“They misrepresented every step of the way, and they don’t want that focus on them, so they try to turn the focus on us,” she said.

If Pelosi were so incensed about how the CIA misled her, why wasn’t this her response to news of the 2002 briefing a week ago?

Blink, blink.

Pelosi issued a renewed call for a “truth commission.”

Boehner’s response: “Let’s put it all on the table.”

Other Dems (including Harry Reid, who opposes the “truth commission” as, um, a distraction) aren’t happy about where this dangerous blame game might take them.

Malkin linked to William Jacobson who characterizes the Dems battle ahead with the CIA "a political death match...." Follow the link from Michelle Malkin to Jacobson whose profile says he is an Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Cornell Law School, Ithaca, NY." Along with today's video of Pelosi's press conference saying the CIA misled Congress, two more videos are some old history...a review of the support of taking down Saddam Hussein, which is what this is all about. Terrorism came to American soil, again, and had we not agreed that terrorism must be stopped, we would have no need of "enhanced interrogation techniques" and waterboarding would have never have been on the table. For all the posturing, let just one of these doves have their own family threatened, and be fortunate enough to have the resources to waterboard that "threat," you can be certain they would beg for it...beg for anything that might save the life of their loved one...and I'm not talking about friends that may have been lost in the World Trade Center, as horrible as that was and is, but what happens when your child's life might be snatched away, as extremist Islam seeks to do. By the way, if one of Pelosi's "loved ones" were being threatened, the CIA would not put her in the position of "deciding" to waterboard or not. The CIA would do the right thing (no apology to John McCain) make the decision, get the information and perhaps save a deserving life.
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