Monday, May 18, 2009

Reject the GOP: Sharing the Disgust No. 2

Number 2, of who knows how many: As a conservative, my husband and I feel we're marinating in disgust at the GOP and the RNC. I find my friends feel the same. I think sharing our disgust and our rejection of the GOP and the RNC is a good idea. Maybe it will inspire you and maybe you will realize you are not alone. This is not about a third party, as I have no clear opinion about the wisdom of that idea. This is only about rejecting the GOP, and letting them know why we think they are the curse of conservatism. Here's some disgust I found as I was visiting around and I'm sharing it with you: Message From and To the RNC Today by Chicago Ray May 14, 2009

This below is a letter, form letter of coarse that the lazy RNC hasn't even bothered to change mind you since 2006 and probably long before. This is so demonstrative of the party and how it takes it's members for granted, figuring with the lunatic fringe liberals that the left kept sending up they were all safe from exile.

Well we know how that worked out and so after the last miserable disappointment being Obama's election in November after the None of the Above Choice conservatives were given I re registered as an independent and have no plans whatsoever to reinstate my RNC membership putting my hard earned money where my mouth and keyboard is. Here is the letter again form letter I received and what they will be getting in return.
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Now for the contribution card as well as a letter that they will also be receiving with the card from this angered American sick of being jerked around by Washington lifers like the turncoat Benedict Alen last week who was jerking conservatives around for 40 g - - damn years.
And the letter...

Dear RNC and Mr Steele...

I was so angered upon receiving the most recent fundraising request letter from the Republican National Committee, this particular one signed by you, that I have decided to reply.

You may be asking yourself what is it that upset me so much? Well, imagine my surprise when I open up the envelope from the RNC and read the very first paragraph which stated:

I don’t want to believe you’ve abandoned the Republican Party, but I have to ask… Have you given up?

Quite frankly I was insulted, because it is myself who has been asking the same question of the Republican Party… Has it given up?

No, it is not I who have abandoned the Republican Party, but it is the GOP who sadly has abandoned myself and many other Conservatives like me. This week a man we all knew was what is referred to as a RINO finally came out of the closet like so many other liberal so-called American's, a man who most of the Republicans on Capital Hill called one of their best friends and a positive for the conservative cause!

This is the face of the Republican Party?

In the past ten years the Republican Party has slid more and more to the left, to such a point that except for only a handful of issues it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat these days.

Thanks to so-called Republicans we have seen:

  • The Federal budget as well as the Federal Government in general balloon to proportions so gigantic in just three short months under the direction of the most liberal president in name only who by the way is unconstitutionally serving in office due to the fact that this man refuses to respond to America's call to provide a legitimate birth certificate. Something that went unchallenged by the present crop of Republicans which alone caused me to surrended my RNC credentials. But just you wait sir as there's more...much more....
  • Two brave Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean spent an inhumane amount of time being falsely incarcerated under the Bush administration and yet only a small handful of spineless congress bothered to do anything about that abomination until we citizens spent hundreds of thousands of dollars petitioning their release which of coarse finally came just this past month. Instead of receiving praise for a job well done received jail sentences while the scumbag, drug trafficking, illegal they took down receives deals from federal prosecutors.

I’m sorry, but I cannot reward Republican Party for its bad behavior by giving it my hard earned money.

Maybe if the RNC decides to:

  • Fight to seal our nations borders nice and tight,
  • Round-up, arrest and deport law breaking illegal immigrants.
  • Apply heavy handed punishments to companies and individuals who support and employee illegals,
  • Stand up to Al Gore and the lunatic global warming zealots,
  • Make a commitment, to start tapping into our Nations crude oil deposits and drill in places like ANWR
  • Make a commitment to building new refineries here in America.
  • Make a commitment to ending all pork barrel spending,
  • Make a commitment and a true effort to DECREASE the size of the Federal Government
  • Make a commitment to decreasing taxes and simplifying the tax code,
  • Make a true commitment to standing by the time honored and true Conservative principles of Liberty, Personal Freedom and Individual Responsibility.

I might consider parting with my money, but not until I see the GOP as a whole abandon its decade long swing to the left, and realign itself as a true Conservative Party, and not until I see the GOP apologize and make amends to Conservatives like myself whom it has abandoned.

I encourage you to visit ChicagoRay. You'll find great commentary with news and sports (the teams ChicagoRay chooses to write about) updated all throughout the day. If you've "sent a message,=" of some sort to the GOP to express your extreme frustration with the sabotage of conservative principles, send me a copy and I'll print with full credit to you, if it fits well with Maggie's Notebook content. Related: Sharing my disgust: Anointing Charlie Crist, Dismissing Marco Rubio, Republicans Unite...or not

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