Friday, June 5, 2009

Air France Flight 447 Debris: Air France Airbus A330 Flt. 447 Debris Not Found

Shocking news today. The wreakage field and oil slick found by Brazilian searchers and believed to be from Air France Flight 447, is not debris from the Airbus Flt. 447.

Air France Airbus A330
Sources say that a wooden pallet believed to have been loaded with airline luggage was thought to be from Air France Flt. 447 but they have since found that Flt. 447 had no wooden pallets aboard. In addition, the oil slick that was located and believed to have been from the doomed flight, is now said to be too large to be from the Airbus A330. Evidence of an oil slick would have also indicated that a mid-air explosion did not take place because the fuel would have burned at the time of the explosion. The French Transportation Minister, Dominique Bussereau, said that there are no signs of the remains of the Airbus A330. France's Minister of Defense, Bernard Kouchner, continues to say that they have found nothing to point to terrorism in the planes disappearance,
"but we cannot discard that for now. Nothing leads us to believe that there was an explosion, but that doesn't mean there wasn't one. All the paths are open and we will not give priority to a single premise because that would be immoral," he added.
The latest theory seems to be that the Airbus' speed indicators malfunctioned:
Jetliners need to be flying at just the right speed when encountering violent weather, experts say — too fast and they run the risk of breaking apart. Too slow, and they could lose control. Meteorologists said the Air France jet entered an unusual storm with 100 mph (160 kph) updrafts that acted as a vacuum, sucking water up from the ocean. The moist air rushed up to the plane's high altitude, where it quickly froze in minus-40 degree temperatures. The updrafts also would have created dangerous turbulence.
This, of course, raises the question what deposited the oil slick, and I suppose, the wood pallet. Did another flight go down in the area? One with a larger oil slick than the Airbus A330 could deposit? Could Flt. 447 have collided with the flight that did leave debris? Maybe, but it seems no other aircraft are reported missing.
The Spanish daily El Mundo reported that an Air Comet pilot flying from Lima to Madrid not far from the crash zone saw "an intense burst of white light" that seemed to drop down vertically and split into six. The French defence minister and the Pentagon have said there were no signs of terrorism.
The crucial mission is to reclaim Flt. 447's black box, which is hoped to be capable of transmitting locator signals for about thirty days. Check out this very, very odd...coincidence???

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