Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alexander Bjoroy was Eleven Year Old Boy on Air France Flt. 447

Alexander Bjoroy was the eleven year old boy on Air France Flt. 447 that fell out of the sky and into one of the deepest parts of the ocean on May 31, 2009.

Alexander Bjoroy
Alexander Bjoroy was reportedly traveling with a chaperon and returning to school at Clifton College Preparatory School in Bristol, Great Britain after visiting his parents and sister in Rio de Janeiro. Alexander was a boarding student at Clifton and had been a pupil there since January 2009. He would have been met by relatives at Heathrow in London. Alexander's parents are Robin and Jane Bjoroy and his sister is nine year old Charlotte. Mr. Bjoroy is a native of Norway and works in the oil industry. Mrs. Bjoroy is from Penarth, South Wales. Mr. and Mrs. Bjoroy released a statement saying their son was close to his twelfth birthday. Alexander's 80 year old maternal grandfather, speaking from South Wales, said Alexander was a "wonderful grandson." The headmaster of Alexander's previous school, a British boy's school in Bogota, Columbia where his family lived from 2005 - 2007, said:
In very little time people came to know him well for his happy demeanour, and charisma. He had a really good sense of humour. He was always laughing and making jokes. He was one of the best students in his year. He also had great sporting abilities and played cricket, baseball, football and rugby.

He had many friends because he always participated in everything. He adapted very easily to the Colombian culture, he loved it.

In fact his favourite drink was a soft drink made out of tamarind called Colombiana.

Clifton College Preparatory held a special assembly to break the news to the 400 students there. Counsellors were made available to the students. Alexander continued with sports at Clifton where he represented the school in the finals of an under 12 prep schools freestyle swimming competition. The Bjoroy family have lived in many places over the past fifteen years, including Colombia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Brisbane and Houston, TX. In an odd coincidence, a Bristol online publication says "the wings of the jet were designed and built in Bristol." If there was time when Flt. 447 got into trouble, I hope Alexander's chaperone was with him and could comfort him, even if only momentarily.

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