Thursday, June 11, 2009

British Hostages and Al Qaeda: Lionheart Exclusive Part 1

This article by Lionheart, and Part 2 of the same article, needs no introduction, other than the comment that you may want to visit Lionheart's blog to read more about Glen Jenvey and what has happened to Lionheart over the past few years. Just dig through his archives.
Lionheart - Paul Ray
Lionheart is writing out of his hometown in Luton, England which has had many incidents of Muslim aggression towards the townspeople. Exclusive: Part 1 - Al Qaeda & Hostages by Lionheart June 8, 2009 One of Britains leading terror experts Glen Jenvey went undercover recently on behalf of 'Defence of the Realm' media to interview Omar Bakri who is the exiled leader of the British wing of militant Islam that is now headed up by Anjem Choudry. This interview was carried out approximately 1 week before the recent beheading of the British hostage Edwin Dyer in North Africa. Part 2 of the interview to follow was carried out after Mr Dyer's beheading, and there is a very clear warning on where you should and should not go on holiday this summer. Read Part 2 here.
Glen Jenvey interview with Al Qaeda (Video)
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