Sunday, June 28, 2009

California Zoning Laws Coming to Your Neighborhood, In Any State - Courtesy Cap and Trade

Did you know that the Cap and Trade Bill the House passed last Friday forces California zoning laws on your neighborhood and town, no matter the state you live in?

Caifornia Zoning Laws Coming to Your Neighborhood
If you were listening to Mark Levin's show last Friday before the vote on cap and trade, we learned the Democrats snuck into the climate bill a provision that forces the states and local communities to follow and enforce California zoning laws. I shouldn't have to tell you this kills the Tenth Amendment. If the Senate passes the climate bill, the federal government will micromanage your communities zoning laws regardless of whether you live in Strafford, Missouri or Chicago, Illinois. This is so far beyond Constitutional, and if your state and community doesn't challenge this, then you may as well surrender the rest of your rights as well.
Hmmmm. Do you want to pay the construction costs for building to earthquake code, whether you need it or not?
California house building laws will be forced upon the other 49 states as well. Remember California is debating outlawing colors like black because they believe the color black encourages global warming. I wrote earlier this year about how they are looking to require people to paint roofs white in order to cut down on global warming. California's silliness will drive up the costs of new homes.
Bungalow Bill points out that California's existing zoning makes it impossible build new power plants - the perfect goal for a greenie. Read it all Bungalow Bill's Conservative Wisdom and let your Senator's office know that you will not accept a vote for Cap and Trade when it comes to the floor, and if they do vote for the legislation, you will make it your personal mission to see to it they lose their seat in the Senate.

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