Monday, June 29, 2009

David Lemon Clay to Bronze: Watch a Master Sculptor at Work

It's a hot and lazy afternoon here and I've just spent some delightful time looking at the website of master sculptor David Lemon. Mr. Lemon has occasionally commented here and that's how I found his amazing work. The photos below may not do justice, but the video below does.

David Lemon - Smokey Joe
Lemon is working on what I will call a "series," titled Somewhere A Cowboy's Walking. His website documents his daily work with beautiful photography and often includes "today's video," which is a unique look at how he works with each piece.
David Lemon - Somewhere a Cowboy's Walking
On some days, you'll find photography of his surrounds in Montanta, or a visit he made to Yellowstone Park. Have you wondered how bronze is colored? David walks us through the process thanks to the wonder of YouTube.com. See his collection of western bronzes and clays (video below) All are set beautifully to music. Look to his right-hand side bar for links. At times we think the world is bleak and mean - our leaders are wrong on every major level, and then we run across someone like David Lemon who spends his life creating beauty from the things our eyes no longer see.
David Lemon - Sunshine
Visit Clay to Bronze - 2009 for current pieces in progress, including Somewhere a Cowboy's Walking and Clay to Bronze - 2008, which is where I started. Visit his gallery at David Lemon
I guess I should end this by telling you that this is not an "affiliate" relationship, or any relationship. I haven't corresponded with Mr. Lemon in months. I'm not selling anything. I think he has a phenomenal website and I want to share it with my friends.
David Lemon - Western Bronzes

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