Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Health Care for Congress will be Different from your Health Care

Trish Turner was on FOX News this morning with Bill Hemmer. She is a senior correspondent for Capitol Hill for FOX. Hemmer asked her if Congress would have the same health care that the government is planning to provide in their national health care.

Trish Turner
The answer was an unequivocal 'no.' The cost to do so, she said would be far exceed the behemoth costs estimated for nationalized health care. Congress will keep their current health care. I'll point out that during the campaign, Obama promised the same health care that Congress has to every American. In a blog post of June 12th, Turner says moderate Democrats do not support what they know of the plan now. But...
But for now, Democrats are working on a compromise that appears as if it will fall short of a government-run health plan —- though it might allow Dems to say the government has its nose under the tent, while Republicans can say the government is NOT running things
Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) is proposing cooperatives:
The Conrad cooperative would be a nonprofit, funded and run by consumers. You would have it on a menu of options, just like many people get now through their employer. To those on the left who feel this is a betrayal, a ditching of the public option, Conrad says this, “What is the whole purpose of public option? The purpose is to have a competing delivery model to go out and go up against for-profit insurance companies. This cooperative model provides that. Yes, is not government controlled, it is not government run, but if you try to get something that is government controlled, government run there are virtually no Republicans that will support it and some Democrats that won’t, which means you probably can’t get 60votes .”
And on Friday, one influential senior Senate Democrat, Jack Reed, D-RI, a member of Kennedy’s committee, introduced a proposal that could provide an infrastructure upon which a Conrad cooperatives plan could be built.

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