Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mac the Mechanic's Story Can Be Your Story: Socializing Auto Repair and Car Care

We are all trying to ferret out the truth of the Obama health care plan coming down the pike. Getting to the truth is impossible, but one thing we know is that socializing or nationalizing our health care is not a good idea.

The Grouch at Right Truth
So while we cannot get a visual on the future of health care, a fairly new blog has posted a scenario that is just spot-on. Many of you know Debbie at Right Truth, well this is her husband, Grouch, at The Grouch at Right Truth. Grouch is a Tennessee Emergency Physician and he has posted an amusing and cheekily written post, Socialized Auto Repair and Car Care. Read it and if your tummy gives a few twists and turns, that's your gut instinct telling you you've just glimpsed the future of Obama health care. Mac the Mechanic's story can be your story.

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