Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Michael and Anne Harris: Americans Aboard Air France Flight

Two Americans reported aboard the disappeared Air France flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris have been identified as Michael and Ann Harris. The following photo of the Harris' is described as a "family photo."

Michael and Anne Harris
Mr. Harris worked for Devon Energy Corporation based in Oklahoma City, OK. Michael was traveling to Barcelona, Spain via Paris for a seminar, and then a five day vacation. Two hundred and twenty eight persons are assumed dead (12 crew) in the mysterious crash that is believed to have happened over one of the deepest parts of the Atlantic ocean, some 9,000 metres or over 5.6 miles deep. A debris field about 400 miles off Brazil has been located, and is just this minuted being confirmed to be the missing Airbus A330. The crash is unexplained at this time, with a severe lightening strike considered the most viable option, however, the Airbus 330 is thought not to be vulnerable to lightening.
Air France Flight Path
Michael and his wife, Anne, lived outside Houston before moving to Brazil. Mr. Harris was 60 years old, a graduate of Clemson University with a degree in geology. Ann Harris was 54, and a physical therapist. The couple had been married for 16 years and both had children by previous marriages. According to the Air France Flight 447 website, the couple moved to Rio de Janiero in July 2008. They were originally from Lafayette, Louisiana Reports are that Air France Flight 447 was carrying passengers from 32 nationalities: France (61), Brazil (58), and Germany (26). Bild.com reports that a Brazilian Prince, Adriana Francisco, was aboard, and the president of the French tire manufacturer, Michelin. Eithne Walls was an Irish passenger who was a Doctor and a former dancer with the famed "Riverdance" Irish dance group. Emotional stories are being to emerge:
A French couple is lucky to be alive today after not being able to board the doomed flight of Air France flight 447. The couple, medical professor Claude Jaffiol and wife, Amina, tried desperately to get on the plane that would later disappear into the Atlantic ocean.
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