Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sending American Wealth Overseas: Saving Trees Everywhere

The Waxman-Markey Man-Made Disaster Bill will send American wealth overseas to save trees - everywhere. Translation: we will pay other countries for them to refrain from cutting down trees. In Gore-speak, this is known as "offsets."

Saving Trees in Venezuela
Question: If a tree is saved in Venezuela, will the American taxpayer pay for it? According to a Washington Times exclusive, The Center for American Progress (a Liberal think tank) says the plan "will be pricey." One of the Center's "climate experts," Joseph Romm, says "By 2020, the U.S. could be spending $4 billion on international offsets." We (you and I - citizens of the United States) "would reward domestic and international companies that perform approved "green" actions with certificates, called permits."
Those companies could, in turn, sell the permits to other companies that emit greenhouse gases. The permits would be, in effect, licenses to pollute - and potentially very valuable.
Here's a short entry at World Prout Assembly, subtitled "Eco-Democracy - Neo-Humanism" calls for "Moralists of the world" to "unite!"
100 Million Trees for Venezuela Monagas trees in Venezuela [see above photo]. The great Hugo Chavez is making his beautiful country still more beautiful!

Venezuela has launched a five-year reforestation project for Orinoco headwaters and tributary rivers in which more than 900 conservation committees and students from more than 100 schools will help plant 100 million trees in a 150,000-hectare area. "Campesinos who used to clear land for crops or cow pasture are now turning to agroforestry, which is more profitable and better for the local environment,"...

I can see an evil, grinning Chavez presenting his bill to his friend Obama, for all the trees saved in Venezuela, and Obama handing back America's chit. Our Congress is churning out American man-made disasters.

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