Thursday, July 16, 2009

Biden AARP Townhall: Biden Spend Money Now on Health Care

Joe Biden met with an AARP Townhall and said the administration's health care plan had to "become law," or the nation will go bankrupt. The he described how the plan will work. Give this man a teleprompter - puhleeeees!

Joe Biden and AARP audience member
They’ll be a deal in there so there’s competition, so what you’ll have in there is you’ll have the ability to go in there and say, ‘Now look, this is the policy I want. This is the one,” Biden said. And those people who can’t afford to get in there, up to a certain income, we’re going to subsidize them, you get in there and we’ll help you pay for it,” Biden said
And Liberals make fun of how Sarah Palin "talks?" See a video here and read "the rest of the story." Photo credit: Penny Starr CNSNews.com

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