Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Carl Bernstein Sarah Palin: Bernstein Says Palin Ignorant (video)

Carl Bernstein is completely flummoxed that Conservatives like Sarah Palin. He says Sarah Palin is ignorant. "She's a demagogue, she's ignorant, she's a flake." See video below. Bernstein says that if Liberals picked someone as unqualified as Sarah Palin [for the second highest office in the land,] Conservatives would have run her out of town...." I'd like Bernstein to write a book about how Conservatives can run a Liberal out-of-town, because, believe me, we tried with Barack Obama. If you want to talk about "unqualified," the conversation needs to shift to Barack Obama.

"John McCain really committed an unpatriotic act by choosing Palin as his running mate."
And let us not forget this one: [Palin] is "manifestly unqualified for high office. As for Carl Bernstein, this is the face of hate. It's also about unbridled stupidity - about acting stupidly. May Sarah Palin live long and speak loudly to continue to baffle Mr. Bernstein.
Carl Bernstein - Sarah Palin Video

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