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Darlene Haynes Baby Found: Julie Corey is Darlene Haynes Murderer?

Darlene Haynes' baby has been found in a homeless shelter. Julie Corey is under arrest on a fugitive from justice warrant for kidnapping, but is suspected of killing the young mother, and ripping the 8-month-old baby girl out of the womb. See video below.

Darlene Haynes
Miss Haynes, 23, was found in Worcester, Massachusetts by her landlord, William Thompson, on July 27th, murdered and dumped in a closet in her own home. Haynes is last known to be alive on July 23rd. Julie Corey, 35, and a male, Alex Dio 27, were arrested in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Corey checked into a homeless shelter on Tuesday, July 21st. Employees there were suspicious..."she was "obviously not a well woman."
Julie Corey

Corey was arrested Wednesday afternoon as she tried to leave the shelter with the infant after staff alerted police.

Corey grew uncomfortable and suspicious when a nurse began photographing the baby with her cell phone, the worker told the Union Leader.

"She had a lot of post-traumatic stress and was obviously not a well woman," the employee said. "She said a child had been taken from her before, and it's not going to happen again."

The baby is said to be in "fairly good condition" and found with a ribbon tied around the umbilical cord. A neighbor reported hearing Haynes screaming on July 23rd. She also heard a man's screams.

A neighbor told the Herald that she heard Haynes crying out on July 23 during what may have been the deadly attack.

“I heard that girl screaming,” said Fran Oswell. “Mostly it was, ‘Leave me alone. Stop it.’ She was screaming in pain.” She said she also heard a man screaming.

Darlene Haynes already had three children at the age of 23: Christina Rodriguez who was with her father at the time of the murder; Jasmine 4, and Lilliana 3 who live with Haynes' grandmother. Rodriguez is not a suspect and the father of Haynes' stolen 8-month-old is not known.
Haysha Toledo, a 17-year-old neighbor, said neighbors used to hear fighting from the apartment Haynes shared until recently with her boyfriend, Roberto Rodriguez.
"We used to hear her crying and screaming but no one ever really did anything," Toledo said, adding that neighbors did not want to get involved.
Haynes had a restraining order against Rodriguez, who allegedly pushed her into a glass table in June and cut her arm, then grabbed her by the throat and slapped her, according to court records. Court records also showed Rodriguez was charged with hitting Haynes in 2008 in a case that was continued without a finding.
Haynes is listed as married to 47-year-old Kofi Brefo Awuah, who filed for divorce from the murdered woman on April 9th. A court appearance was scheduled for November. Reports indicate that they had no children. The landlord said Rodriguez moved out of the apartment about a month ago. Julie Corey is also a mother. She reportedly has an 11-year-old son. She told the homeless shelter that she had one child taken from her and would not let it happen again. Darlene Haynes and Julie Corey were acquainted through Haynes "on-again, off-again boyfriend and father of her 1-year-old daughter, Roberto "Tito" Rodriguez. Corey was busy telling friends she was pregnant:
Liz Hitson, one of the victim's neighbors, said the pair were friendly because Corey claimed her due date was within a month of when Haynes was to give birth, the paper said.
Haynes' aunt, Sandra Grandmaison, said her niece was a very troubled woman:

...she was a troubled young woman who never graduated from high school or developed mentally.

She was a very sad, very young girl who never really grew up," said Grandmaison. "Darlene does not have the know-how or the ability to sense danger.

Julie Corey did not waive extradition back to Massachusetts. A hearing is set for August 30 and the judge has ordered all police affidavits sealed. She is held on $2 million bail. Dion "was released to a family member." This is a horrible and bizarre story - from the children of all the people involved with no mother to the murder and yet another child with no mother. It is made worse by the press reporting this 8-month-old baby as a fetus. While technically, I suppose, 'fetus' is appropriate, from the standpoint of humanity, an 8-month-old unborn child is a child. Julie Haynes' baby would have been named Sheila Marie, and the family will carry-on with that name. Shelia Marie's mother's funeral is now in planning and she will be placed with the Department of Children and Services until custody arrangements are resolved. Haynes' uncle, Karl Whitney, said the family was not aware that Darlene was married and they were unaware of Roberto Rodriguez. This report from the telegram.com says police believe that Roberto Rodriguez is the father of Sheila Marie. Julie Corey, according to Darlene's uncle, Karl Whitney, has not yet been named the murderer. The family is reserving judgment, and they are grateful that the baby was nourished.
Julie Corey is Darlene Haynes Murderer?

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