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Dianne Feinstein on Sotomayor: Sotomayor So Amazing!

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) were the guests on today's Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. The Sotomayor confirmations were the topic of the day. What a complete joke these confirmation hearings are unless, you are a Democrat planning to dismember a nominee, as they did Clarence Thomas. If that's the plan, then the hearings are important.

Both Cornyn and Feinstein sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee. We can assume that both have had the same access to whatever material Sotomayor finally gave up to the Committee. So, why does one Senator feel that a hearing and some thoughtful examination is important and the other Senator already have her mind made up? Well, as you'll read below, it's because one Senator believes Sotomayor is "amazing." Wallace starts by asking Cornyn if Sotomayor's nomination will be blocked by a Republican filibuster.

CORNYN: Well, of course, it was unheard of to filibuster judges until our friends on the Democratic side filibustered a number of nominees. And unfortunately, a gentleman who might have been the first Hispanic nominee to the United States Supreme Court, Miguel Estrada, who filibustered seven times and denied an up or down vote -- I don't think that will happen to Judge Sotomayor, even though that precedent has now been established. I just don't see it happening in this case.
So knowing all that Cornyn already knows, he does not see a Republican stand against this racist judge.
WALLACE: And do you see any way, just on an up or down vote, to block her nomination?
CORNYN: I think she'll be given a fair hearing. I personally and all of my colleagues have made the commitment to give her a fair hearing, treat her with the dignity we would expect every nominee to be treated. But unfortunately, that seems to be more the exception than the rule. But yes, I think she'll have an up or down vote.
So now it is Feinstein's turn:
WALLACE: Senator Feinstein, is the judge's ascension to the Supreme Court a sure thing?
FEINSTEIN: I believe it is. She is an amazing, warm and intelligent woman, and she actually brings to the court more experience in courts -- trial courts, appellate courts -- than any sitting member of the Supreme Court. And what has been amazing to me is how she's overcome adversity and disadvantage and carried on and done it basically by herself.
She's an amazing story, and I think that's been written up now. I think people are beginning to understand her. And you know, she's entered into some 3,000 appeals. She's tried 400 cases. She's written opinions. Obviously, people will find this or that they don't like. But overall, the story is so encouraging -- it is so much a part of the American dream -- and she has done so well at what she's done, it's really -- I take enormous pride as a woman in voting for her. And I never say how I'm going to vote before a hearing, but in this case, I -- John, I find her amazing. I really do.
Senator Feinstein NEVER endorses a candidate before a vote...except this time, because after all, Sotomayor is just so amazing. No need for Feinstein to hear the questions from Republicans, or the answers. Her mind is made up. She's going to vote for her. Cornyn, however, wants to question her "judicial philosophy." I'm sure Cornyn already knows at least what I know, and if he does, he should be able to say "I won't be voting for her, because of her judicial philosophy," but no, he is a Republican and he will play the Democrats game. He obviously respects the confirmation process. Feinstein doesn't need it. When Wallace asks Feinstein what to expect when Sotomayor is asked is asked to explain this comment:
I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life."
Feinstein said she is looking forward to hearing the "context" in which Sotomayor said the fateful words. Democrat lingo like "not the most artfully put together sentence," popped out along with the wise words of this California Senator who said:
I've been one, who often thinks a woman has to be twice as good to be thought of as equal.
Well, maybe so, but what justifies Sotomayor being twice as good. Sotomayor is a racist and Feinstein knows it. Nevermind.

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