Thursday, July 23, 2009

Health Care Fails: Obama Punts

Talking live to a group in Cleveland, OH about health care, Obama says he put a deadline on having health care reform on his desk before congress takes their August break because that was the only way to light a fire under a Bill [paraphrasing]. Seeming to acknowledge that is not going to happen, he punts and says [possibly paraphrasing] "That's okay, but I want it done by the end of the year."

Health Care Fails
Hehehehe! I feel no charity about this. I do feel grateful that it cannot go forward in its present form, but until Democrats get over the "I won" attitude and seriously consider the issues conservatives cannot abide, then we have to beat them back because this is serious business. I know I certainly take it seriously. A big thank you to all of the Republicans on the Hill who stood on principle and didn't back down. I plan to profile them soon. A big thank you to all Americans who telephone, emailed, faxed, went to the public square and got online to discuss why this proposal is an unAmerican piece of...legislation.

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