Friday, July 24, 2009

Jeffrey D. Gordon is Carol Rosenberg Sexual Harrassment Accuser

Commander Jeffrey D. Gordon is a US Navy Commander. Carol Rosenberg is a Miami Herald "journalist." Commander Gordon has filed a letter of complaint to the Executive Editor of the Miami Herald accusing Rosenberg of sexual harassment. Commander Gordon is a Pentagon Spokesman for Western Hemisphere and Guantanamo. In Gordon's letter of complaint, he also says that he is a senior naval officer representing the Secretary of Defense at Guantanamo. Commander Gordon calls Carol Rosenberg's behavior "appalling," and he asked for a "thorough investigation." Gordon writes:

To me, in front of another journalist with reference to why 9/11 co-defendant Mustafa Al Hawsawi was seated on a pillow in court:

"Have you ever had a red hot poker shoved up your a**? Have you ever had a broomstick shoved up your a**? Have you ever had anything in your a**? How would you know how it feels if it never happened to you? Admit it, you liked it? No wonder why you like to stay in South Beach on your Miami visits."

Rosenberg, to CNN's Jamie McIntyre in front of roughly 15 journalists in the Guantanamo Commission's press center:

To Jamie - "Aren't you in the BOQ (Bachelor Officers Quarters)? I didn't think you were in tent city because these people (military public affairs escorts) are so far up your ass that I figured you must be in the BOQ."

To Me [Gordon] - "Why isn't he in the BOQ? You're kissing his ass so much that I can't believe that you're letting him stay with the rest of us. Do you love him?"

Gordon further quotes Rosenberg saing to press and enlisted men and women:
Seeing him [Gordon] topless in tent city was the most repulsive sight I've ever seen in my life."
The Commander is alleged not to be Rosenberg's only target:
...accuses Rosenberg of "bullying" reporters from various outlets including New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, CBC, Der Siegel and Al Jazeera. He claims that over the years, Rosenberg has labeled her peers in the press and Gordon's colleagues "bitches," "stupid," "lazy," "incompetent," "Nazis," and "Saddam Hussein-like."
The letter to Anders Gyllenhaal indicates that this is not the first time Gordon has asked the Miami Herald to reign-in Rosenberg. He mentions a similar letter to Gyllenhaal written in July 2008. He said he appreciated Gyllenhaal's efforts, but they yielded no results. FishBowlDC has the story as well as a link to the entire letter from Commander Jeffrey D. Gordon.

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