Friday, July 24, 2009

A Lesson in Socialism: Of Coffee Beans, Sugar and Health Care

The Return of Scipio has a great piece on Socialism. The plot is that Chavez has ruined the coffee industry in Venezuela, a place where Scipio says: really, one cannot swing a dead cat in Venezuela without hitting some coffee planter. Here's a snippet and here's where to go to read the entire post:

Socialist Nicaragua runs out of water. Socialist Cuba runs out of sugar. Socialist Venezuela runs out of coffee. Believe it or not, once socialist Argentina ran out of beef. This happened in a nation that has the finest steakhouses in the world, just as the US has the finest medical care in the world. Even America hating dictators come here when they need surgery. If Obama Care ever becomes law, we can expect both rationing and shortages. The laws of economics are hard and unforgiving. Not for nothing has that discipline been called “the dismal science.”

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