Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama's Jewish Agenda:

President Barack Obama's Jewish agenda was forced to greet the daylight when he met with American Jewish leaders on July 13th. According to reports, the clamor of diminished American Jewish support for Obama has been loud. Too bad it's eight months too late.

Obama's Jewish Agenda
The meeting was called. The Zionist Organization of America, the largest and oldest pro-Israel group was not invited. Also disallowed was CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting). Morton Klein, the president of ZOA:
Klein’s White House contacts told him flat out that he was shunned because of his strong criticism of Obama. In his June interview with Newsmax, Klein said that Obama may be the “most hostile president to Israel” ever.
Surely American Jews HAVE had some doubts about the President's commitment to Israel lately. If you have not, what is wrong with you? Your president told the meeting attendees:
"there was no light between the US and Israeli positions for the last eight years, and no progress was made."
Do you think that means he plans to PUT some daylight between Israel and the U.S.? Seventy-seven percent of the Jewish vote went to Barack Obama. American Jews overwhelmingly supported a man whose African-Arab father was a Muslim and a communist, whose grandfather was a Muslim and who himself sat in an anti-semitic Christian church for twenty years. The J Street lobby got it right:
Surrogates and right-wing political operatives in our community stopped at nothing in their efforts to sway Jewish voters against Obama."
I'm proud to be one of those "right-wing political operatives," and we tried to tell you, even tried to protect you. We sounded the alarm bells, raised the red flags, wrung our hands, and asked you, are you not terrified for the survival of Israel? We asked: Why would you take a chance? Gallup polls of Jewish voters from June 2008 to the elections:
...showed American Jews growing increasingly comfortable with Obama since July, when the Illinois Senator tied up the Democratic Party nomination.
How did you get comfortable about Barack Hussein Obama? At the July 13th meeting, Obama told the Jewish leaders that he wants a two-state solution and Israel should "engage in serious self-reflection." Anne Bayefsky had some reflections for the president:
Considering Israel is a democratic country forced to send its children into the armed forces for two to three years and its men into reserve duty for another twenty-five, that isn't the audacity of hope. It's just plain audacity.
The liberal J Street's Ben-Ami:
Ben-Ami said that he believed that President Obama was asserting positions aimed at achieving two states for two peoples, a stance he claimed is supported by the majority of the Jewish community in the United States that voted for Obama.
America's liberal Jews: Is this true? Do you think a two-state solution will bring peace to Israel? How would that happen? Will Hamas recognize Israel? Tell me how you see Israel? Surely you have a vision. Surely you understand the threat of Islam lurking on the doorstep of Israeli schools. Or do you? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

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