Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Six Mousavi Supporters Hanged in Iran: Saddness on Iranian Streets

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that six Mousavi supporters have been hanged in the city of Mashad on Monday. The article is written by Sabin Amidi and tagged as "Special to the Jerusalem Post." Amidi personally spoke to sources inside Iran by telephone.

A "prominent" cleric, Ayatollah Hadi Gafouri, gave a speech to opposition protesters in Tehran. He "publicly acknowledged that the very act of speaking at the gathering would likely cost him his life."
Ayatollah Hadi Gafouri said that the Imam [Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini] never wanted [current supreme Leader] Ali Khamenei to succeed him. He even went to say that the Islamic republic died the day the Imam did," one source said.
Amidi says that Basij military are still on the streets in full force and more than willing to crash their batons into whatever or whomever they see as out-of-line.
Some people are still going out into the streets, but there is despair and sadness," said one source. "Now we are told that [pro-Mousavi] green bands are illegal, which is ironic because it symbolizes the color of Islam.
Female police are also on the streets. Known as the Sisters of Zeynab:
My nephew saw one of these Sisters of Zeynab beat down an elderly woman with no mercy. When he tried to intervene, saying to her, 'Miss, she is like your grandmother,' the woman turned around to get a Basiji to deal with him.
A "defiant reformist" told Amidi:
The regime wants the world to think they have won. Don't believe it... Even if this regime is about to collapse, they would not let anybody know until their final hour.
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