Friday, July 10, 2009

U.S. to Strike Peace with Taliban?: CNN Report of Possible Opportunity to End War

Michael Ware reporting for CNN, says "to put it simply, America cannot win the war in Afghanistan, not with bullets, not with bombs." Who is Michael Ware? He is an Australian journalist, previously stationed in Baghdad with CNN and previous to 2006, he was with Time Magazine. See video below.

Taliban - Mullah Omar
If what Holger Awakens reports below, via CNN, is true, we can see what might happen with an American president with no commitment to winning the War on Terror. Quote from the video:
"The Pakistan military can actually get the Taliban to sit down with the U.S. and broker a cease fire."
This pull-out quote from Holger's article below:
...what I do not know is exactly his [Obama] angle of trying to get out of this war without losing the Presidency over it. But I'm sure he has something up his sleeve.
So the bottom-line according to this video is that the Pakistan military can provide valuable assistance to the U.S. in beginning peace talks with the Taliban. This is a video you must see.
CNN Report States that Obama Administration Willing to Sit Down to Peace Agreement with Taliban by Holger Awakens July 10, 2009 Okay, this is all coming from a CNN video that I have embedded below for you and per the title of this post, the CNN reporter claims that U.S. officials from the Obama administration are now willing to strike up some sort of peace accord with the Taliban - good grief. The crux of the story is that Pakistan says they can easily strike a deal between the Taliban and the U.S./NATO but Pakistan wants something in return....they basically want the U.S. to sever relations with Pakistan's biggest enemy, India. So let me lay out your worst nightmare. Barack Hussein Obama decides to take the Pakistanis up on their offer - a peace accord is penned between the U.S., NATO and the Taliban of Afghanistan. In return, America agrees to sever relations and support of India. Yeah, that's nightmare enough but the real nightmare is what would happen AFTER that. The Pakistanis, as far as I can count in my head, have signed over 30 peace accords with the Taliban inside of Pakistan and EVERY SINGLE ONE of those peace accords fell apart due to infringement by the Taliban. So you can almost see it now, the U.S. walks into the trap, the Taliban start violating the peace agreement, Obama hems and haws, the Taliban start to violate more aggressively and then....Obama has a choice to either pull out or start all over again. Which one you think he would choose? As you muddle through the Leftist bullshit in this CNN video, look for the players in Pakistan who are making these claims and also wait towards the end of the video for the reference to U.S. willingness to sit down. I don't know what I have to keep repeating this but it's simple. The Taliban don't want peace agreements. They don't want ceasefires. THEY WANT AFGHANISTAN BACK. There is nothing less than having Afghanistan back in their control that will get them to stop their terror and killing. I have no doubt that Obama doesn't care one bit if the Taliban regain Afghanistan...what I do not know is exactly his angle of trying to get out of this war without losing the Presidency over it. But I'm sure he has something up his sleeve. Please visit Holger Awakens for the best in imperative war news. Note that the anchor begins the video as characterizing talks between the U.S. and the Taliban as "a possible opportunity." Here's the video:
CNN Report of Possible Opportunity to End War
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