Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ben Stein Booted: New York Times Boots Ben Stein Column

What in the world is the New York Times thinking? Ben Stein booted over an endorsement for a credit reporting company? So he writes a business column. There is no claim that he pitched the company in his column. Could it be his politics? See video below. Thank you to ChicagoRay.

Ben Stein
This blog is giddy that Stein is gone. "Scuzzy" it calls Stein's pitch for a free credit score. The company apparently will give you your credit score, but will not show you report without payment. So a young adult wants to buy a car, and wants to know her/his credit score before getting to government motors. They get the score from the company Stein pitched for. They can buy the credit report if they don't like the score, and attempt to repair whatever info is contained therein, or take advantage of the government requirement that gives you one free credit report and score annually from elsewhere. Really, it is a choice. If the score is good, maybe that is all that is needed. He/she takes the clunker to government motors with the full faith and confidence of knowing his/her score and having a qualified clunker to add to the deal...or not. It doesn't matter. What matters is that this young adult picked the company. If they don't want to buy the full credit report, they do not have to. What happened to choice? Stein said he has never written about the company or credit scores and did not know he had posed a conflict when he signed on to do the advertisement. No, what's going on here is Mr. Stein's tendency to lean to the right and his problem with evolution.
New York Times Boots Ben Stein Column

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