Friday, August 14, 2009

Copter Plane Collision Video: See Hudson River Air Collision

An Italian tourist believes he is videoing his friends aboard the helicopter, then it and a small plane collision over the Hudson River:

WASHINGTON - The air traffic controller at Teterboro Airport was on the phone with his girlfriend during the mid-air collision over the Hudson River. His supervisor had wandered off and wasn't even in the tower. Air traffic control transcripts indicated no problems in the exchange between controllers at the New Jersey airport and the plane's pilot, Steven Altman, who was heading for Ocean City, N.J. The controller gave Altman two choices of route, and he chose a straight shot down the Hudson. NTSB chairwoman Debbie Hersman has said the controller told Altman to switch his radio over to the Newark tower - and gave the correct frequency - but Newark never made contact.
"The handoff was never made," an aviation source said.This same report says the video above "shows Altman [small plane pilot] desperately trying to lift his left wing to avoid hitting the helicopter." The air traffic controller and supervisor have been suspended pending review. Thanks to American Power Blog. Related: Liberty Tours Helicopter, Plane Down in Hudson Near Pier 40

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