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Farrah Fawcett Greg Lott: Farrah Fawcett Greg Lott Love Affair?

I can't wait to hear what Alana Stewart has to say about this. A man from Lubbock, Texas, Greg Lott says he met Farrah Fawcett in college and they remained deeply in love with each other to the day she died. A Farrah Fawcett, Greg Lott love affair? See update 11-16-09 below.

Farrah Fawcett - Greg Lott

Don't you know we'll find out, because Lott says for the last 11 years of Farrah's life, she was involved in a very private romance with him:
We were blind, crazy, in love,’ he says. ‘Farrah was my best friend and my inspiration.
And he also says he many love letters from the beautiful Farrah:

Farrah Fawcett - Greg Lott (photo)
The photographs and love letters Greg has been pouring over since Farrah’s death span the years 1996-2008 and are testimony to the strength of their bond. In one poignant note addressed to her ‘darling Greg’, she writes:
‘How sweet that we have been given the chance to grow up, grow wiser and I guess, older together. I’m grateful to still be a part of your life and benefit from your eternal optimism in so many ways.’ Another, in Farrah’s curvy handwriting on her personalised stationery embossed with the light-hearted heading ‘Double F’ reads simply: ‘Forever, until the end of time.’
In the article linked below, Lott says they kept their relationship secret from Redmond, Farrah's son with O'Neal, at Farrah's request, but it quotes Ryan O'Neal's son, Griffin, saying:
"I have to thank Greg Lott for one thing: For loving Farrah the way she deserved to be loved. Ryan was just there for the acclaim."
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Greg Lott in Search of the Will

Tabloid Baby for photo credit and Farrah and Greg reporting

Update 11-15-09:

A British online news service reports that Farrah excluded Ryan O'Neal from her will but left approximately $100,000 to Greg Lott. The bulk of her estate, $4.5 million, went to her twenty-four year old son with O'Neal, Redmond O'Neal. Redmond's money will be managed by a trustee to purchase a home and help fight his addictions.
Lott says he last spoke to Farrah on April 9th when she telephoned him from a Santa Monica hospital. She was on her way home and told him she loved him, and would call him. That was the last time Lott spoke with Fawcett. He flew to California but O'Neal barred him from seeing her.

“Farrah meant the world to me, and I know, based on the last 11 years of her life, that I equally had a profound impact on her. I cannot understand how those around her chose to keep me from her.

“They have an obligation to provide me with their justification for manoeuvring themselves back into her life, at the expense of the one she truly loved.”

O’Neal refuses to be drawn but a ­confidant insists: “Farrah just didn’t want to see Greg.”
Farrah’s father James, in his first interview since his daughter’s death, confirms he was aware of Lott’s relationship with Farrah but denies being involved in the decision to lock him out.

“I guess it must have been Ryan, because I had nothing to do with it,” he said.
 Farrah left her father $500,00 for "health, maintenance and comfortable support."


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