Monday, August 3, 2009

Michigan Kansas Terrorist Prison Courtroom: Jon Stewart Gitmo Video

Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas may be the home of a new experimental stateside "Gitmo." The Standish Maximum Correctional Facility in Standish, Michigan may be the second such facility. See a hilarious (allbeit liberal) video below with Jon Stewart.

Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas
Both maximum security facilities are being considered for a prison-courtroom combination for prisoners from the War on Terror. The idea does not have final approval and is said to be one of many being discussed to house the prisoners now at Guantanamo Bay. Michigan Senator Carl Levin (D) said the plan would require "state and local concurrence."
Levin was only one of six senators this week to fund the Cuban facility's closure, however. Ninety rejected funding until the administration detailed where in the U.S. the alleged terrorists would await trial or serve time upon conviction. Levin said hundreds of convicted terrorists are already serving time in federal prison.
Former Michigan Governor, John Engler is quoted saying that housing the Gitmo prisoners in the state's Upper Peninsula "could net $1 billion a year." "Levin said he didn't know where Engler came up with that figure." The Standish, Michigan prison is scheduled to be closed:
Russ Marlan, spokesman for a prison system aiming to reduced its inmate population by more than 3,500 and close several prisons by Oct. 1, is already shopping prison space to other states and the U.S. Department of Justice. He said no offer had been made to house alleged terrorists.
Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas is both a military base and maximum security prison, raising the level of security for the area. That's a good thing. Friends of the imprisoned would not likely hang around a military base. In researching this idea, I found an interesting bit of information. At least half of the existing Ft. Leavenworth prisoners are military, and imprisoned U.S. soldiers can not be held in the same facility with "foreigners." Kansas Senator Sam Brownback (R) says Ft. Leavenworth is "not well-suited" to house those now in Guantanamo. "It makes no sense to spend millions and millions of dollars to build what we already have...." After the video, think about how a courtroom jury pool will be chosen in the isolated areas being considered for this prison-courtroom combo. If you haven't had a laugh lately, this Jon Stewart video, a segment from The Daily Show, will provide a few. Yes, it's a liberal viewpoint, but it is funny.
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