Monday, August 17, 2009

Mom Pregnant with Twelve Babies, Already Aborted Two? Duodecaplet Mom is Mom of Twelve

A Tunisian woman is reportedly pregnant with twelve babies. She is carrying six girls and six boys.

Mom Pregnant
According to TunisiaOnlineNews, the mother married in 2007, and has previously aborted two children, or had two abortions of an unknown number of children. The father of the babies, identified only as "Marwan" said he and the mother thought they were having twins. Twelve children from a single birthing are known as "duodecaplets." Hmmmm, this is not as easy as naming Nadya Suleman the "octomom." The closest I can get to a pronunciation is "duo-deck-aplets." Feel free to correct me in comments. The mother, said to be a teacher, or "schoolmistress," in Gafsa, Tunisia, underwent fertility treatments to conceive the twelve and is due to give birth "any time now." She has had numerous miscarriages in the past but it is not known whether those miscarriages followed fertility treatments. Her health is described as "good," and she is under "constant medical monitoring. I have not yet found a record of anyone giving birth to twelve children (duodecaplets). Read more about Tunisia here, and stay tuned.

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