Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obama Health Care Lies: Obama - "Keep Your Health Care Coverage"

The lies straight out of President Obama's mouth continued yesterday at the Townhall in Grand Junction, Colorado.

"If you like your health care plan you keep it ... I don't want government meddling in your health care plan but then again I don't want insurance company bureaucrats meddling in your health care."
According to the House Bill, your right to private health care is "grandfathered in." That means you have no right to private coverage unless you already had it before the Bill became effective: Here's the explanation and then the exact wording from the House Bill: Page 16, Sec. 102 PROTECTING THE CHOICE TO KEEP CURRENT COVERAGE (a): says that your private health care coverage will be "grandfathered in." That means that while this coverage is outside the mainstream of the bill, we will accept your private health care under certain, special conditions. Those special conditions do not include changing jobs. If you change jobs, moving from a company that provides your health care for you, to another company that also provides health care for employees, you are not allowed to partake of the "other" companies health care, because you were not employed there before the first day the Obama plan became effective. Those conditions, as laid out on page 16, further clarified: 1) The company providing you the health care insurance, before the first effective day of the Obama plan, may continue to provide you with health care. 2) As of the first effective day of the Obama plan, NO ONE can be added to your company's plan. If your company has new hires, they must take the government option. Your company can never again provide health care for a new hire after the first effective day of the Obama plan. No company...anywhere...can ever again provide private health care for employees. Private health care is over for EVERYONE, except Congress retirees, including union retirees, and their families and perhaps community organizers, described in the Bill as "voluntary beneficiaries," all of whom are protected from the Obama plan (Page 65). I'm not sure what "voluntary beneficiaries" refers to. Perhaps employees not in a traditional health care plan within their company - maybe they fund a plan on their own, grouped with other employees, to pay for health care? Or maybe this is a reference to "volunteers." Perhaps those working for an organization like AmeriCorp or ACORN? If you have any thoughts on this, please leave them in the comments section. To be clear: an employee on a company's private health care plan, before the first day the Obama plan becomes effective, can keep his/her company-provided private health care...until he/she leaves the employ of the company, or until the company decides it will no longer provide private insurance to its employees. To be clear: if you join a company already providing private health care insurance to its employees, and your hire-date is on or after the first day the Obama plan takes effect, you cannot be a part of that company-provided health care. You must be a part of the Obama plan. There is no other choice for you. Here is the exact text of the bill, Page 16, lines 1 - 16.
SEC. 102. PROTECTING THE CHOICE TO KEEP CURRENT COVERAGE. (a) GRANDFATHERED HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE DEFINED.—Subject to the succeeding provisions of this section, for purposes of establishing acceptable coverage under this division, the term ‘‘grandfathered health insurance coverage’’ means individual health insurance coverage that is offered and in force and effect before the first day of Y1 if the following conditions are met: (1) LIMITATION ON NEW ENROLLMENT.—(A) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enrollany individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first 16 day of Y1.
To be clear, President Obama lied in the Grand Junction Townhall on August 15th. The text of the Bill without page numbers is here. Section (SEC) numbers are give. For instance, for the above example, just scroll to SEC. 102. Here is a link to the pdf of the Bill, with page numbers. (Thank you to JeffHead.com) Related: Obama Health Care: Taxpayers Subsidize Unions and Community Organizers

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