Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rachel Maddow Destroys Obama on Lying (Video)

I love it when Liberals get lost in the maze of their own twisted ideology. It's equally amusing when they try to explain "the rule of law." Liberals are always uncomfortable with the "rule of law" because they believe they are "above it." We see that in Congress every day on the Democrat side of the aisle and, all too often on the Republican side, too. Watch these two Liberals, Rachel Maddow and Barack Obama, duel over terrorists and what to do with them. Maddow, of course, is not seated in the Oval Office and she doesn't have a clue. Obama does have a clue, albeit a bit too late for his fancy rhetoric to save the day for him, and now that he has it, he hasn't a clue what to do with it. You have to feel bad for Rachel because she obviously feels so very bad for our War on Terror detainees - "keep people in prison indefinitely, no charges against them, no conviction, no sentence, just imprisonment...." How, she asks, does Obama speak "such poetry," and do this thing he has done? Yes, it's a terrible thing, and Code Pink is outraged too. I give Maddow credit for pointing out that Obama speaks from both sides of his mouth and has bashed Bush and Cheney mercilessly - but now, he sits in the Oval Office and the view of reality is different than that on the campaign trail or from behind an anchor desk. President George Bush won this one.

Rachel Maddow Destroys Obama on Lying (video)

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