Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ben Smith Lindsay Graham: Politico Ben Smith Quotes Lindsay Graham Half Truth

Politico's Ben Smith had a moment of senility, or maybe memory loss, or - well, he probably printed exactly what he intended to print. Smith provided almost the complete transcript for Senator Lindsay Graham's response to President Obama's yet-another-health-care-speech last night. Smith quoted a half-truth, or maybe a quarter-truth is more accurate.

Senator Lindsay Graham

The first part of Senator Graham's comments were all quoted. Then when Graham was asked about Representative Joe Wilson's outburst during the televised joint session of Congress - you know, that one where Wilson yelled "you lie," Ben Smith said that Graham blamed Rep. Wilson for "partisan strife." What??? Watch the video and get the real story. Remarks about Wilson begin at about 2.22 minutes in and from 2:37 on, Smith ignored - all of which was a rousing endorsement of Joe Wilson with not a single claim of Wilson causing "political strife."

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