Monday, September 28, 2009

McChrystal Obama: General McChrystal Barack Obama Don't Talk

Let a military commander make a clear and concise statement that cannot be misunderstood, and the Pentagon rushes in to explain what he said. General Stanley McChrystal, the senior commander in Afghanistan, answered an interviewer's question, and now we know that McChrystal and Obama have spoken once since he took command on July 15th. See video below.

General Stanley McChrystal

The Pentagon assures us that General McChrystal is "not complaining." The General was asked the question and he answered. That happens in life.

McChrystal answered truthfully, rather than shading the truth to make the President look good. He didn't embellish, he didn't roll his eyes, he didn't whine. If there is a problem here, it is not McChrystal's. Obama needs to "receive" information from McChrystal, not the other way around. It's odd. President Obama wants to talk to many: Iran, David Letterman, Venezuela, prime time TV-ers, Copenhagen, Zelaya, the U.N., ACORN, Hamas - everyone but the man he picked to win the war in Afghanistan, and FOXNews of course.

The problem is, Rahm Emanuel has been staying up late since this happened. What can he do to show this General, who was involved in at least two history-making events: Saddam Hussein's capture and the demise of al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who is boss? He will think of something, and our troops will be on the losing end. Does Obama have the character not to diss the General? Nah. See the video below.

General McChrystal

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