Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Barack Obama Savannah Guthrie: Barack Obama Michelle Obama Sacrifice for their Children

Savannah Guthrie, NBC, interviewed Barack Obama. These are trying times and the President doesn't have a lot of spare time, so he sat down with Guthrie to talk about "A Woman's Nation," a new book by Maria Schriver. All-boy-basketball, Afghanistan and Fox News were also touched upon. See video below.

About women in our nation, Obama talked about the sacrifice Michelle made when their daughters were ill and she had to leave work to pick them up. She taught Barack that, really, he must take his turn making the sacrifice. Shopping for clothes? Why was it Michelle's burden and not his? He learned to be thoughtful enough, and introspective enough, that he didn't have to be told to step in and help.

About Afghanistan: Obama said he may have a strategy before the Afghanistan run-off election on November 7th, but he might not reveal that strategy before that date.

About the White House attacks on FOX News: This arrogant, arrogant president told Guthrie that since she is a part of the press, it was natural that she would ask about it, but the rest of us out here...we don't care...we are not interested. What he indicated, was that "they" are professionals, and "we" are not - and he was not going to talk about it, unless you consider saying "we are going to take media as it comes" as an answer. Our President says he is "not losing sleep over it." hmmmm. Right. He did not answer the question. Update: Just put up the video containing the FOX News quote.

I didn't listen long enough to hear the all-boy-basketball discussion. The first video below is the snippet about FOX News, and the second is the entire, almost the entire interview.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Sacrifice for their children (video)
Thanks to FreedomEden for the above video.

Barack Obama Savannah Guthrie Interview (video)

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