Friday, October 30, 2009

Barack Obama to Poll Afghanistan Tribal Leaders, Militias

Barack Obama has asked senior officials to perform a "province-by-province" analysis of how Afghanistan is being "managed." Who would have thought of polling Afghan tribal leaders and militias? Only Barack Obama - and this as he visits Dover Airbase to salute the dead returning from Afghanistan, saying that the experience will influence his decisions on the war. See video below.

Obama Salutes War Dead

From the from the Washington Post:
The detail he is now seeking also reflects the administration's turn toward Afghanistan's provincial governors, tribal leaders and local militias as potentially more effective partners in the effort than a historically weak central government that is confronting questions of legitimacy after the flawed Aug. 20 presidential election.
Here is some commentary from Holger Awakens (minus a few descriptively apt and colorful words)
I'm nearly at a loss here. For more than 60 days, President Barack Hussein Obama has sat on this thumbs in contemplating the URGENT troop request from his General in Afghanistan - this decision by Obama has lasted longer than some military campaigns in U.S. history...but wait we have, and wait have the troops, whose necks are on the line.

We've sat and sat and sat while Obama has held meeting after meeting (with golf and international trips inbetween) and now, when there were rumors that a decision was finally, FINALLY near...Barack Hussein Obama has decided that he wants a poll done of Afghan tribal leaders across the country as to whether they need "help" or not.


Why doesn't this damn clown just come out and tell us that he isn't going to make up his mind until he can finally get a better picture of how the polls in America are shaping up so he can make the best decision for himself, politically.

This isn't a case of being incompetent. This isn't a case of no leadership skills or qualities. This is simply....criminal. This is a man, a Commander-in-chief who has put the lives of our troops and the security of our Nation BEHIND his political future. This is an evil man, people.

If we don't remove this parasite from Office, this country will be torn apart at the seams - this latest non-decision of Obama's is beyond negligent, it is treason. And no where in [the Washington Post] this article does it say anything about how long this Putz-in-Chief thinks this little polling of Afghan tribal leaders will take or quite frankly, how he's going to do it. I figure that 75% of the people sent out to interview the tribal leaders will be shot dead by the Taliban during the process. Somebody ******* pinch me here....this HAS GOT TO BE A NIGHTMARE!
President Obama paid tribute to 18 Americans killed in Afghanistan this week by standing in salute as the caskets were taken from an aircraft.
Hours after a personal encounter with the grim cost of war, President Barack Obama said Thursday the sight of 18 flag-covered cases holding the remains of Americans killed this week in Afghanistan can't help but influence his thinking about sending more troops overseas..
His exact words were:
The burden that both our troops and their families bear in any wartime situation is going to bear on how I see these conflicts," he said
Apparently General McChrystal will have to wait until polls close.

Barack Obama - Afghanistan (video)

Photo credit: AP -Pablo Martinez Monslvais

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