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Bobby Jamison Sherilynn Jamison is Family Missing in Oklahoma: Madyson Jamison is Missing Eufaula Oklahoma

Bobby and Sherilynn Jamison and their 6-year-old daughter Madyson are missing from Latimer County, Oklahoma and have not been seen since October 8, 2009. Update10-21-09 10-22-09  10-24-09 10-25-09 below.

Bobby Jamison - Sherilynn Jamison

Madyson Jamison

The Jamison's are residents of Eufaula, Oklahoma. Their pickup truck was found in Latimer County with I.D.'s, cell phones and a "substantial amount of money" inside. The family dog was also in the truck and authorities say it was "barely alive."
Bobby Jamison is 44-years-old, 6'3", weighs 170 pounds and has brown hair and eyes.

Sherilynn Jamison is 40-years-old, 5'07", weighs 105 pounds and has brown hair and eyes.

Madyson Jamison is 6-years-old and has blonde hair.

Anyone with information can call the Latimer County Sheriff's Office at 918-465-2161.
Local radio reports indicate the couple had gone to a location to look "at land." Latimer County is rural with a population density of approximately 15 people per mile. Eufaula, Oklahoma is located in McIntosh Country, Oklahoma.

I've found no mention of when the Jamison's were reported missing, or if finding the empty car was the beginning of the investigation.

Update 10-21-09:
A local radio report says indicates that the Jamison's truck was found a few days after the couple disappeared - so the investigation began a few days after October 8th. A GPS, maps and coats were also found inside. Police say robbery has not been ruled out - nothing has been ruled out - even though money was found in the vehicle.

Update 10-22-09:
NewsOn6.com says the Jamison's pickup truck was found about 6.5 miles from Red Oak on October 17th. the famly was last seen on October 9th, and the report confirms the Jamisons were looking for "40 acres of land." The terrain is described as "tough." "Panola Mountain...[is] covered with trees and surrounded by grasslands."

The truck was found 8 days later by hunters in the area.
Also inside the truck were their IDs, wallets and a substantial amount of cash.
"It didn't look like to me that they got out and walked, it just looked like they got out and that was it. They didn't take their coats, it was kind of cold that day, they didn't take their cell phones, of course they didn't take their dog," said Sheriff Beauchamp.

Sheriff Beauchamp says investigators have looked into the Jamison's past and there doesn't appear to be any signs that they were in trouble or looking to start a new life. He says there's no obvious reason why they disappeared.
A search of the area, which is said to have a "triple canopy, a lot of woods," is planned for Friday, October 23rd.

Update 10-24-09:
Tim Miller with Texas EquuSearch has announced that Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) has contacted him, and Texas EquuSearch will join the search for the Jamison family. The website says they are a "mounted search and recovery team." You may remember that Miller was very active in the search for missing Natalie Holloway in Aruba.

Update 10-25-09:
A report just out of Red Oak, OK on Oct. 24th says a pocket knife was found during a search on Friday. The knife will be shown to family to determine whether it may belong to the Jamisons.

From NewsOK:
In May, Bobby Dale Jamison filed a civil suit against his parents Bobby Dean and Scarlett Jean Jamison or more than $10,000 for the loss of money to which he said he was entitled when his father sold the family gas station.

Bobby Jamison took out a protective order against his father in May, but authorities said it has been dismissed and appears unrelated to the disappearance of the younger Jamison and his family.

In the suit, the missing Jamison alleges his father enticed him to work for free at the Oklahoma City gas station, but with the understanding that one day, the son would have a half-interest in the station when he was older.

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