Friday, October 2, 2009

Chicago Not Olympic Site in 2016: Chicago Knocked-Out: Oprah and Obamas Star Power Pales and Fails

Breaking News: Chicago has been eliminated by Olympic consideration, along with Tokyo. Rio de Janiero and Madrid are still in the running. See Updates below 10-2-09: See new video.

What did the appearances of the President, First Lady and Queen of Daytime Television (Oprah) in Copenhagen to plead the case for Chicago, cost the American taxpayers? Well over $10 million is one estimate. Wendell Goler for FOX News is report live right now. He said there was shock in the press booth when Chicago and the U.S. were eliminated in the very first round of voting: "a tremendous intake of breath" was noticeable among reporters.

Here's information from National Review Online (NRO) and one of their readers:

The cost of Obama’s trip will not be close to $1 mil. It is well over $10 mil if it is a dime. The figures you quoted (accurately) are for flying a VC-25 (Presidential 747). Presidential trips require both 747s, as one is a backup. However, the costs soar when you realize that from the moment a POTUS indicates he wants to go somewhere, dozens, if not hundreds of people start preparing every detail.
These details include security, communications, protocol, logistics that boggle the mind and transportation that most people never see. Several Air Force cargo planes of equipment are loaded and flown to the destination with armored limos, security personnel from the Secret Service and the relevant military branches, fuels specialists, etc. A National Airborne Operations Command Post 747 from Offutt AFB, NE will accompany him to keep POTUS in constant communications in case of national or word emergency . . . We are now up to three 747s, multiple cargo planes and costs for personnel who fly commercial ahead of POTUS.
If FLOTUS flies separately, add a C-32 (757) for her and her staff, entourage, hangers-on etc, with attendant security, logistics, etc. Add a few more million dollars, though many personnel in Denmark will cover preparations for both POTUS and FLOTUS.
The Mighty Obama taken down once again. The awesome trio's star power pales and fails in Copen-hog-en. New Video: The video below shows that not one single vote was cast for Chicago. In light of that, what are these "news" people talking about? I really believe that the habit of saying what you want to happen, and then repeating it over and over to try to make it true, happened today.

Chicago Knocked-Out in First Round of Voting
Update 10-2-09:
Rush Limbaugh's opening comment today: Who knew the IOC is racist?

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