Friday, October 23, 2009

GOP Can you hear us now? GOP Poll Unchanged: GOP get the message: Get Conservative!

A Rasmussen poll still maintains that the GOP has lost touch with their base. The GOP doesn't get the message - "Get Conservative," and they still are not hearing us. See a video below - Glenn Beck says it well.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn Gets the Message

The telephone survey finds that "73% of Republicans believe their congresscritters have lost touch with GOP voters." After all the tea parties, three-fourths of Republicans believe they have no voice and no support for conservatism. The depressing news is, the same poll in April 2009 had the same findings. Nothing is changing.

I do not have a congressional problem in my state, but I see it everywhere across the map. The best example I can think of is the GOP-announced support and funding of Florida's Governor Charlie Crist for Florida's U.S. Senate seat, against a clear conservative, which Crist is not, over Marco Rubio. Very early on the GOP declared they were behind Crist, nevermind that he has a slobbering love affair with Barack Obama.

Polls are everywhere, asking who we want as our nominee in 2013. I never know which box to check. Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo and Marsha Blackburn are not on any polls - and few governors are promising. It is depressing!

* Romney doesn't have the fire to be an energetic candidate, although he is a conservative.

* Mike Huckabee is gaining in popularity but he falls off the wrong edge of conservative a bit too often. I admit that he seems to be getting more conservative on his television show.

* Newt and Sarah are now bookmongers.

* Newt's political mind is truly awesome until he wants to sell a book with John Kerry or his wife. He has a right to a life as an author, but he forges far too many friendships with hardline Liberals. A Gingrich presidency would be the same "good ol boy" networks of keeping each other in the House and Senate that we've see for so many years.

* Palin's announced Oprah appearance confirms my feeling that she doesn't have the maturity to be in the Oval Office. After Oprah REFUSED to let Sarah on her show during the elections, Oprah exhibits her wiliness by now inviting Sarah on, and Oprah won this one for Barack. I still have hopes that Palin will be a powerful conservative voice. We won't know until her book, Going Rogue comes out.

Rick Moran at American Thinker says this:
The scattershot strategy employed by national Republicans, as well as their inability to unite to block some of Obama's more radical agenda items has most of the rest of the party thinking they are not representing their interests.
I continue to give not a dime to the GOP. I support my local candidate because they are doing the hard lifting, and I support some others around the country when I can. I have nothing for the traitorous GOP.

Glenn Beck on Lindsay Graham - GOP Unchanged (video)

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