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Janeane Garofalo Beck Bachmann Limbaugh: Janeane Garofalo White Power Movement, Violence

Janeane Garofalo has found another way to say that whites in America are racist by naming white Obama critics as a "white power movement." She bashed whites for being "led" by "the Glenn Becks, the Michelle Bachmanns, the Rush Limbaughs," and accused teabaggers and 9-12ers of a "tacit nudging toward violence." Updates as available. See video below.

Janeane Garofalo

This time, Janeane puts up a buffer and says, of course, she is not talking about people who have policy differences - however, the people who do have policy differences are being "led" by Beck, Bachman, Limbaugh, et al. (NewsBusters quotes this lame libtard as saying "Limbow," which is I believe is where she spends most of her time these days).
Electorally, these white power people don't have their own party – maybe they will one day – so they are electorally-dependent on the Republicans.
According to this report in NewsBusters, Garofalo is distressed that "so few people are willing to say that yes it is racism, straight up racism...," This was:
...before confusing which party controlled segregationist southern states: “The Republican Party has been willing to carry water for racists in this country since about the 1950s.”
History has been so completely revised that perhaps Garofalo is innocent in her ignorance. Hall of Justice has some very concise commentary about the Republican Party:
The first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, took the nation to war for the cause of freedom. Republicans successfully executed the civil war and in response drafted the Constitutional amendments that, for the first time, gave African-Americans the right to vote, access to the justice system and equality under the law. It should be noted that these constitutionally guaranteed rights and privileges were curtailed by the Democrats and their allies on the federal and state judicial benches.
Many Democrats and liberals of today love to whitewash the history of the Republican Party or they speak of the Republican Party betraying its history. Nothing could be further from the truth... The Party worked with prominent African Americans such as Booker T. Washington to establish an efficient black workforce which in turn made up the backbone of the black economy.
The Party stood up for African Americans in the courageous fight against southern lynching, while success in the Democratic Party was measured by how much an individual opposed rudimentary civil rights for African Americans. While Republican Presidents, Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, were speaking against racial segregation and Jim Crow laws in the very heart of Dixie, the Democrats were marching arm in arm with their brethren in white sheets.
Read more at Hall of Justice. No mention of Garofalo's obvious racism of claiming racism when there is clearly none. Her President was elected. Garofalo was appearing in the perfect venue, Real Time with Bill Maher.
It's obvious to anybody who has eyes in this country that tea-baggers, the 9-12ers, these separatist groups that pretend that it's about policy – they are clearly white-identity movements. They're clearly white power movements. What they don't like about the President is that he's black – or half black (applause) – and they, what also is shocking is that people keep pretending that that's not really the case with these people.
Updates coming.

Jeanane Garofalo White Power Movements (video)

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